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The Show 8-25-14


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The Show

Kieran & Rockit

New York

Description: The Show is a professionally packaged talk radio program based out of Long Island, NY. Updated Weekly, the show brings hours of pointless humor, smut, and "wacky hi-jinx".

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The Show 8-25-14

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Comedian Joe Pontillo in studio, Emmy awards, Nicki Minaj anaconda video, Dating Naked TV show, Hank is Evil movie, HOTW
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The Show 8-18-14

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Ice Bucket challenge, Robin Williams, LR t-shirts, War Machine beats ex, analyzing texts, having kids, HOTW...

The Show 8-11-14

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Untappd app co-founder Greg Avola calls in, Remebering Robin WIlliams, Ronnie Beans calls in, Guns and Roses, LR 15th Anniversary conversation, HOTW...

The Show 8-4-14

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Longest running podcast, contacting Guinness book of records, old versions on the LR website, Kim Kardashian app, cyborgs among us, people setting themselves on fire, Kieran breaks into his own car, HOTW...

The Show 7-28-14

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Beyonce and Jay-Z marriage in distress maybe, surfboard, delivering fake news, more info on our audio board giveaway, dead body in a motel room story, the next president, age and interaction, HOTW...

The Show 7-21-14

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Malaysia Airlines, Stroncones-ville, John's Hopkins BIG Payout For Gyno-Perv, 15 Colleges Your Parents will Hate, Greatest Inventions, Lobster Brutality, Hottie of The Week...

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From: The Rack with Jay and Strap – October 30,2006 at 9:50 pm

Nice Work, very professional and organized.
Your new fans,
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