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The Show 10-27-14


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The Show

Kieran & Rock

New York

Description: Uncensored Comedy Talk

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The Show 10-27-14

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The final LunaticRadio show as we know it. Many thanks to everyone throughout the years who have been part of the show. In studio Ronnie Beans, Andrew Zarian, Julian Kross, Kunal Arora, Clubjelly Simon, Staten Island Johnny and Cris Italia of the Stand Comedy Club. Phone calls include Doug Jones, Rory and Lauren Karpf , Josh Goguen, Jenny BJ, Marijuana Paul and all the listeners for calling in
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The Show 10-20-14

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Eric from The Augustines in studio, listener calls looking back at the show, the last HOTW...

The Show 10-13-14

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LunaticRadio ending in two weeks not a joke, end of the show discussion, Louisiana teachers sex with student, professional twerker, HOTW...

The Show 9-29-14

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Twitter followers, Clooney gets married, the Clooney family, WWE Divas, Dale Decker uncontrollable multiple orgasms, 404 show, our old interview with Cali Lewis, Jeter retired, HOTW...

The Show 9-22-14

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NFL talk, High School kid motivational speech, more celebrity photos leaked, a slice of pizza, pics on your phone, newscaster quits on air, new iPhone, big booty song, HOTW...

The Show 9-15-14

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Sport/Not A Sport, Murder Videos, Iggy Azalea sex tape, Kanye is Handicapped, Mike Tyson Interview Goes Wrong, Adrian Peterson, Google Play cover songs, Kieran is too Approachable, HOTW...

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Nice Work, very professional and organized.
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