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The Show 7-21-14


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The Show

Kieran & Rockit

New York

Description: The Show is a professionally packaged talk radio program based out of Long Island, NY. Updated Weekly, the show brings hours of pointless humor, smut, and "wacky hi-jinx".

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The Show 7-21-14

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Malaysia Airlines, Stroncones-ville, John's Hopkins BIG Payout For Gyno-Perv, 15 Colleges Your Parents will Hate, Greatest Inventions, Lobster Brutality, Hottie of The Week
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The Show 7-14-14

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Opie and Anthony, Anthony Cumia fired, MLB All Star game. Kieran and Rock Play-by-play, Middle School band signed 1.7 million dollar recording deal, Drake's anal wash, Hotties of The Week...

The Show 6-30-14

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World Cup, Vine stars, latest Nancy Grace clip, Lost Kid Found in Basement, Flashlight, Sex with your iPad, Listener calls, Redskins debate, Hotties of The Week...

The Show 6-23-14

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World Cup, US vs. Germany, Soccer Rules, A 13 year old vs. Cement Vagina, American Apparel Founder, Thing to do in El Paso Texas, Ja Rule, Hotties of The Week...

The Show 6-16-14

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Vacation recap, Tipping, Phat Kev's Man Cave, Tony Gwynn death, mouth cancer, LR Giveaway, Kieran's new favorite rap song, HOTW...

The Show 5-28-14

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Distraught lady at 7 Eleven, Giving the homeless money, Dissecting Elliot Rodger, Rockit High School Lax Career, Little League, Johnny Staten Island and Too Stoned Mike call-in, HOTW...

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Nice Work, very professional and organized.
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