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The Show 4-14-14


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The Show

Kieran & Rockit

New York

Description: The Show is a professionally packaged talk radio program based out of Long Island, NY. Updated Weekly, the show brings hours of pointless humor, smut, and "wacky hi-jinx".

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The Show 4-14-14

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The passing of the Ultimate Warrior, Poop Power. Rock at the NAB in Las Vegas, The horrific murders in Utah, gambling, The passing of Otto and George, The Masters, US Airways Tweet, Selfies', HOTW
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The Show 3-31-14

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The world famous Staten Island Clown in studio, Fuzz On The Lens Productions and Johnny Staten Island as well in studio, Purity Rings, Opening Day Baseball, HOTW...

The Show 3-24-14

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Buckwheat Groats call in and discuss "Tom Hanks." Discovery's reality hit TV show Naked and Afraid was also a topic of discussion along with porn sharing, depressing music, and once again the Malaysian Air flight, HOTW...

The Show 3-17-14

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St. Patrick's Day, the nonstop coverage of the Malaysian Airline mystery. They also chat with Ronnie Beans, fresh off his trip at the SXSW Festival in Austin Texas. Lots of music talk on this broadcast, HOTW...

The Show 3-10-14

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Kieran and Rock discuss the Malaysian Air mystery, listen to the Justin Bieber deposition tapes, rant about Shameless, and Kieran offers his opinion about the series finale of True Detective, HOTW...

The Show 3-5-14

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Comedian Alex Fossella in studio, Oscars, Oscar Winning Films, Matthew Mcconaughey, Augustines show, Bowery Ballroom, Mother drives kids into Atlantic Ocean, Listener calls, HOTW,...

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From: The Rack with Jay and Strap – October 30,2006 at 9:50 pm

Nice Work, very professional and organized.
Your new fans,
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