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Lunchtime Movie Review

The Children of the 80s

Earth (Westside)

Description: Revisiting our Childhood Movies with Adult Eyes

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Year of Release: 1990

Running Time: 1 hr. 42 min.

MPAA Rating: PG

Directed By: Chris Columbus

Produced By: John Hughes

Distributed By: 20th Century Fox Pictures

Starring: John Candy

Box Office Gross: $285,761,243 (Highest Grossing Film of 1990)

Rotten Tomatoes Score: Critics 54%, Audience 74%

Synopsis:  It’s Christmas in the McCallister house. A family of smug and condescending suburbanites prepares for their trip to France, where they will learn how to sharpen their smug condescension from the experts. Kevin McCallister (played by Macaulay Culkin), a boisterous towheaded 8 year old causes trouble with his family, culminating in the spilling of a soda and the forced vomiting of an entire large cheese pizza. Kevin is chastised and sent to bed without his dinner or his passport. In his boyish rage, Kevin wishes that his family would disappear as a Christmas gift, which is the same gift for which Charles Manson wished that year they were sold out of Partridge Family lunch pails.

As luck would have it, Kevin’s family disappeared that night, or so he thinks. Turns out they just didn’t notice that the loudest and neediest of their children wasn’t there until their plane was approaching Greenwich Mean Time. Kevin’s mom panics. Kevin, however, parties. He loves every minute of his freedom and does all those things his parents won’t let him do: eat junk food and watch gangster movies, jump on his parents’ bed while snacking on popcorn, dig deep into his brother’s porno stash.

Someone else, however, is eyeing Kevin’s house. Two robbers, played by Joe Pesci and some dude with a beard, have been casing the house, hoping to steal its valuables and clog its sink. Despite being among the greatest cat burglars in the world, these robbers are only slightly less incompetent and cowardly than the Chicago Police. They come to burgle the house on several occasions but are scared away by Kevin’s antics…

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