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Heart of Glory, TNG S1 E20 Review, The Battle Bridge


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Omaha, NE

Description: A weekly Star Trek Podcast. We discuss everything about Star Trek. Such as: What does the guy in the brig do when the brig is empty of prisoners. Tech Of Trek, Trek Birthdays and much more.

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Heart of Glory, TNG S1 E20 Review, The Battle Bridge

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Remember Bryan Detamore? Heeeeee's back. When it comes to Klingon, I don't know more of an expert. So tonight Bryan helps us review Heart of Glory. The Enterprise comes across a ship that just engaged in battle. The ship belongs to one race of people, but what do we find on board?? da da daaaa...Klingons. Why are they aboard? What happened? Find out here. Today James and Lou discuss Too Heart of Glory and what we think of it and much more as well as listener feedback.

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Coming of Age – TNG S1 E19 Review, The Battle Bridge

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Wesley is growing up. He leaves the ship by himself for the first time and even gets hit on by a ditzy girl while taking the Starfleet Academy Entrance Exam. How did he do? Well if your reading this, you already know, but what do you think we think of it? Well how does Lou feel about Wesley????...

Home Soil, TNG S1 E18 Review, The Battle Bridge

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Another episode of mostly crap, but Lou seems to be alone in this one. Tonight we discuss teraforming and new life in the most microscopic form. It starts the whole notion of different forms of life...

When the Bough Breaks, TNG S1 E17 Review, The Battle Bridge

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Rock-a-bye baby,

On the starship,

When a planet appears,

There will be hardship,

When the Bough Breaks,

Is the name of this ep.

So download the show now

And it won't be a schlep.

OK don't shoot the poet... Tonight Lou and James discuss the episode When the Bough Breaks. Remember Lou loves the morali...

Brian Baker’s Lost Show – Lou Trek Show, Show #213

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In November, 2013, Lou's daughter Alexa was giving his dog, Min Pin (Minny) a bath. While she was getting her out of the bath, Minny tried to jump out of her arms and ended up falling on her back. Minny tragicly died and Brian pulled our friend Firbob, aka Paul Wright to come on the show and discu...

Too Short a Season, TNG S1 E16 Review, The Battle Bridge

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Lou thinks this episode was crap, so he takes a forum feedback post into such a massive tanjant you won't believe...but it involves a song he is crazy about.

Ok, but anyway Too Short a Season was too short on a script. A few tweeks and it would have been one heck of an episode. Imagine instead...

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