The Closeout Industry

The Closeout Industry

The Closeout Industry

Description: Learn How To Buy Merchandise Below Wholesale

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Wholesale Shelf Pull Clothing

Successful eBay resellers are purchasing pallets of name brand apparel from retailers such as JC Penneys, Sears, Kohl’s and other department stores at drastically reduced pricing. Often referred to as NWTS or New With Tags, this apparel has a great resell value because of the famous name brands found in lots or pallet quantities.

Everyone knows that popular name brands sell really well on eBay and when you buy wholesale shelf pull clothing you can find brands like DKNY, Calvin Klein, Nine West, Jones of New York, Baby Phat, L.E.I, Angels, Overdrive, Mudd, INC, E.C.I New York, Cable & Gauge, Joseph A., Vanilla Sugar, August Silk, XOXO, BCBG and many more.

Shelf pull apparel is simply clothing that spent some time on a rack or shelf of a retail store and was “pulled” off the floor for various reasons. Usually articles of apparel are pulled from the retailers shelf due to end of season left overs or maybe too many of one particular style. Once pulled from the sales floor this apparel is placed into a pallet and then resold to small store owners, flea market vendors and of course, eBay sellers.

Some retail big box stores have their own liquidation department that is in charge of reselling wholesale pallets and truckloads of this merchandise way below wholesale. Other retailers will use a third party reclamation center to process and resell all excess inventory. Either way buying from the direct source, ie. the store or the contracted liquidator is the best way to purchase this apparel.

Shelf Pull apparel should be considered retail ready with a small percentage of each pallet or truckload damaged. Usually damages are simply due to handling in the warehouse. It is not uncommon to find at least 3-5% minimal damages when buying this category of Liquidated merchandise.

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