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Linking Into Sales Podcast 28


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Linking Into Sales

Martin Brossman and Greg Hyer

Description: Using Social Media to support your sales cycle and your brand ™

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Linking Into Sales Podcast 28

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Where’d My LinkedIn Apps Go?!

Martin Brossman discuss the changes LinkedIn has made by removing Answers, Events and Third Party Apps from its platform. Is LinkedIn trying to slow down networking even more? Are they pivoting based on shareholder demand? Will LinkedIn replace these apps with something new that will drive even more business?

In this podcast, Greg and Martin discuss why social networks are evolving and how you can stay on the bleeding edge of these changes so you stay competitive. They discuss alternatives to LinkedIn Events, such as Eventbrite and Google+ Events, and  alternatives to LinkedIn Answers such as LinkedIn Groups and Quora, the Questions and Answers Social Network. These alternatives can be used for lead generation and branding.

Greg and Martin also discuss how you can share rich media content like SlideShare presentations, YouTube Videos, Box files and more within your LinkedIn profile without the use of a third-party application. However, this is not a direct replacement for all the third-party apps that existed before such as Amazon Book List, WordPress Feed and others.

The key take away from this podcast is that sales and marketing professionals need to recognize that social networks are run by corporations. These corporations are controlled by a small group of people that don’t always make decisions that are best for the users. Is this the case with LinkedIn? Maybe, maybe not.

The Linking into Sales Podcast is a professional development podcast geared towards sales professionals that use social media tools and networks to support the sales process.

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