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Makers of the first official Seth Godin app


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Unofficial Linchpin By Seth Godin Podcast

Andy Traub

Description: We talk to Linchpins who “ship” and change the world. All fans of Seth Godin are welcome here. Critics too actually.

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Makers of the first official Seth Godin app

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Andy Anderson + Kraig Spear, the makers of the official app for Seth Godin’s blog that was announced this week. In this interview Andy and Kraig explain how they took action very quickly in order to get considered for the project, what they did to ensure the project got finished on time and they talk about how we can all achieve what we want if we’re willing to take risks along the way. Pay particular attention to later in the interview when we ask you the listener to vote on a possible change to the app. So here’s Andy Anderson and Kraig Spear of Anderson and Spear.

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