Life Management Tools

Life Management Tools

Description: Time Tested Technologies to cope with Stress, achieve a Healthy Balance in your life and Enhance Emotional Resilience in an ever changing and turbulent world.

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Episode 8 Fight or Flight Learning to Cope With Stress Using Diaphragmati Breathing

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Fight or Flight Learning to Cope With Stress by learning how to recognize the physiological manifestations and making diaphragmatic breathing second nature, automatic and a habit...

Episode 7 Guided Imagery and Rescripting

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The impact of imagery and how negative and self-defeating inner feelings can be modified by manipulating images and using techniques such as guided imagery...

Brain Brightening a Skype Interview of Tom Budzynski

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A Skype interview of Tom in which he covers brain brightening, biofeedback, neurofeedback, priming, light and sound and MindByte recordings...

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