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Work For Who

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Jesus told a parable about a dishonest manager who was terminated because of his actions. Tune in and find out why Jesus praised this manager...


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Have you ever been lost? Tune in as we explore what the bible says about being lost...

A One Sentence Legacy

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Everyone will leave a legacy for the world. How will you be remembered? What is the one sentence you would like the world to say when they speak about you? Tune in as we explore the concept of a legacy...

Rethinking Our Mission

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How do you define success? The world defines success quite differently than Christ. Tune in as we explore how our mission as individuals and a faith community can and should be transformed...

Cure For An Aching Back

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Have you ever had a back ache? Did you know that the bible gives some advice on what we can do about them? Tune in as we encounter Jesus and a woman with a back ache in the synagogue...

Go Hard Or Go Home

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Most people are passionate about something. Jesus taught a parable about being ready. He instructs his followers that they should diligently wait. that they should "be ready" In today's scripture lesson luke 12:32-48 we are reminded that for those who have been given much, much will be required. Tun...

Financial Planning

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Have you ever thought about your finances? My guess is that is something you have done often. Even Jesus taught about financial planning. Tune into this episode to learn more...

The Keys To Effective Prayer

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Are you someone who has a difficult time with prayer. Can't find the "correct words" Do you wonder if God is listening? Have you all but given up on prayer even though you know it is central to your life? If you have answered yes to these questions or feel that you don't have it right whenever it co...

What Really Matters

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Are you someone who is always trying to figure out what is really important - moving from one thing to another? Are you constantly busy and feel that you aren't really accomplishing anything? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then tune into this program and we'll address these issues...

Two Important Questions

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Are you someone who asks a lot of questions or knows someone who does? If so then you should tune into this worship service and find out two of the most important questions that Jesus delt with in his ministry...
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