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Description: Nate and friends share their funny and sometimes twisted point of views on life.

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1/28/14 JOINT SHOW

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Nate and Cody do a joint morning show and they get into some deep discussions...


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Nate talks about his trip to the walk in, UPS is at it again and Andy calls in...


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Andy, Doug, Korey from the Evil Teddy Bear podcast and George from the Super SciFi friends call in and we just shoot the shit. It starts a little slow and at the end it picks up trust me...


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Doug and Ken are cohosts of the show tonight, we just hangout and have some random stupid conversations...


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Nate calls into Cody's show and does some cohosting with him on OFFTHEAIRLIVE.COM...

BONUS SHOW 12/21/13

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Listener Andy Skypes with us and we end up talking for a little while...

BONUS SHOW 12/14/13

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This is not a real show, this was Nate and Chris hanging out and Andy calls in while we test our stream. It has some fun parts so check it out!...


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Ken and Chris Join us tonight and we talk about christmas, lost packages and much more!! This was a good one!! ;)...

Chris's song to Nate!

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Chris sings a song about Nate live on the show!...

Chris's second song Zombie Nate!

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Chris sings another song to Nate during the Live hangout show...

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