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Description: Nate and friends share their funny and sometimes twisted point of views on life.

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Episode 40

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Nate and Shane have Steve on the show today. Secrets of the Hidden Piggy Bank, Australian listener calls into the show and sings to us and Australia makes their people eat vegemite and much more!...

Episode 39

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Nate and Shane have Steve on the show today. Nate and Steve get into another debate this time about people who do not work and talk about it on facebook ( gets a little to serious ). Then we get into all sorts of sillyness, there is movie talk and Steve will rub a man down with lotion for 300$...

Episode 38

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Nate and Shane have guest Tabby on the show, Movie Talk, dancing and a whole lot more...

Episode 37

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Nate and Shane talk about Nate's neighbors, the rent getting raised and the meaning of friday the 13th ch ch ch ch ha ha ha ha...

Episode 35

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Nate has a cold, Steve and Shane try to run the show. Our New Years Resolution, Steve tells a long story and much much more...

Episode 32

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Host Nate and Co Hosts Shane and Rusty on the show today!We are featured on the front of STICKAM.COM, Nate's cat has an affair with Steve's Ex Gf and much more!...

Episode 31

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Nate Shane and Steve talk about how they would love to have a dislike button on facebook, Nate believes EVERYTHING that is in the movies is real and much more...

Episode 21

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Chupcabras are real, I get bad customer service, Woman drives car through building in rage and Joe is making a alternate intro song for me. at the ending with the music it gets to load sorry in advanced!!...

Episode 20

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Rusty and Steve on the show today, went on vacation and came back with lots of stories!!...

Episode 19

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Me and Rusty on the show, Rusty forgets to turn his mic on for the first 10 minutes so you can just fast forward or listen to it I left it in, cause I thought it was funny...

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