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Description: The Legacy Podcast takes you behind the scenes into the history and making of some of music's most memorable recordings.

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Dave Brubeck 2

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Dave Brubeck was born 90 years ago on this day (Dec 6) in Concord, CA.nbsp; nbsp; Happy Birthday!nbsp; The Legacy of a Legend podcast continues with a look at his early days on the road with both his quartet and young kids.nbsp; Despite their growing popularity with "Take Five" from the Time Out alb...

Jazz: The 59 Sound 4

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Legacy Recordings is the award-winning catalog division of Sony BMG. Legacy's podcast takes you behind the scenes and in-depth into some of the greatest recordings ever made...

Jazz: The 59 Sound 3

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Today's podcast looks at Miles Davis' background and what led to his own musical changes in 1959. Davis actually recorded two groundbreaking records that year - "Kind of Blue" and "Sketches of Spain." Journalist Ben Ratliff adds how these records helped to change how people listened to Jazz, and C...

Fats Waller 3

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Fats Waller's famous compositions of the 1930s and 40s have attained an immortal, standard-level of recognition and have stood the test of time. But what is lesser known is that Fats Waller was also an entertainer par excellence, bringing the music he performed to life with jokes and asides to th...

Miles Kind of Blue 3

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In this podcast, musicians Herbie Hancock, David Amram and Jimmy Cobb address the music theory behind Kind of Blue, and how the feeling of the musicians was equally as important as the compositions themselves in its creation. nbsp;Considered "Modal Jazz" as it is written from a few basic notes th...

Fats Waller 2

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Strangely enough, two things happened to Fats after he died: he essentially disappeared from our culture's memory for over 30 years, and when he was talked about, it centered around his clowning and humor, which was sorely misunderstood. Despite his untimely death, Fats Waller spent nearly every day...

Miles Kind of Blue 2

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Our second Miles Davis segment begins with legendary saxophonist Jackie McLean and Kind of Blue drummer Jimmy Cobb talking about the sound Miles was after with his 1959 sextet at the first Kind of Blue recording session on March 2, 1959.nbsp; Herbie Hancock also adds his thoughts on Miles' priority...

Fats Waller 1

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Thursdays are Fats Waller day here at the Legacy Podcasts, in honor of Black History Month.

Fats Waller is one of America's great composers and performers of the 20th century. His songs, stride piano style and on-stage and on-screen antics were legendary and made him one of the first African-America...

Miles Kind of Blue 1

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Our Black History Month feature continues with another great African-American musician - Miles Davis, to honor the 50th anniversary of his landmark album "Kind of Blue."nbsp;nbsp; Collaborators, friends, critics and historians look back on how this record was created and its impact on music and pop...

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