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Description: The Legacy Podcast takes you behind the scenes into the history and making of some of music's most memorable recordings.

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Sly and the Family Stone – Higher 1

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Eight part series Sly and the Family Stone series kicks off with members first had accounts of how they joined the band...

Willie Nelson – To All the Girls 3

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Emmylou Harris and The Secret Sisters talk about their work with Willie Nelson on To All the Girls...

Willie Nelson – To All the Girls 2

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Part 2 of the Willie Nelson To All the Girls podcast features Carrie Underwood and Norah Jones...

Willie Nelson – To All the Girls 1

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The brand-new Willie Nelson album in stores Oct 15, To All the Girls, features female duet partners on each track. Many of them join us for this four-part series about how the album was made. Dolly Parton is featured in part 1...


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Harry Nilsson story from Mark Hudson after Q104.3 in NYC played the world-premiere of Nilsson's "Blackbird" cover from the RCA Albums Collection box set...

Preservation Hall Jazz Band 1

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Legacy Podcasts celebrates the release of the new Preservation Hall Jazz Band release, That's It!, with a brand-new four part series. Go behind the scenes of their first-ever album of all original songs, including the current radio hits "Dear Lord," "Rattlin' Bones" and more. Includes interviews w...

Ben Folds Five on Tour 2013

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Ben Folds Five - new live album, summer 2013 tour and World Cafe session...

Mad Season 4

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Our Mad Season episodes conclude with Mike and Barrett remembering their other late bandmember, bassist John Baker Saunders. He and McCready met at rehab, but sadly overdosed in 1999. They then finish the piece by detailing how Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees) came to add his signature howl to "Loco...

Rodriguez – Searching for Sugar Man 4

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The Searching for Sugar Man podcast series concludes with Rodriguez own comments about his triumphant South African concert tour. Stephen 'Sugar' Segerman and Craig Bartholomew Strydom add their memories of how people still didn't believe he was really alive, even after they bought tickets...

Mad Season 3

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Mad Season's classic riff from "I Don't Know Anything" kicks off episode 3, setting the dark tone that leads into Barrett Martin's discussion of Layne Staley's demons...
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