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Vik & Ray in the Morning – The Big Game


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Description: 2 Guys, 1 Guest, A few beverages.

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Vik & Ray in the Morning – The Big Game

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Folks, you’re in for another treat this week.

The newest episode of “Vik & Ray in the Morning” is also being syndicated here on the LeetSauced feed while those guys get their site resolved and ready to launch.

Listen in as these two knuckleheads discuss:
- how lame it is that you have to refer to the Super Bowl as “the big game”,
- fun prop bets,
- and Ray discusses that time we thought he was watching Michael Jackson perform, but it was really Brian Boitano.

Let Vik & Ray know what you think of the show, any topics you’d like to hear them cover, and anything else you feel like telling them.  Look for their site: www.vikandray.com to be launching soon.

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