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Ep Four-Ten (but not Fourteen)


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Leetsauced Podcast

Leetsauced Crew

Description: 2 Guys, 1 Guest, A few beverages.

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Ep Four-Ten (but not Fourteen)

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What We’ve Been Playing:
Logan: Idols, Wildstar grinding
Hi-Ya: Monaco, Forced, random steam titles
Vik: Heroes, Hearthstone
Brill: Heroes, Hearthstone, WoW, Wildstar

Heroes of the Storm:
- latest patch includes fix to matchmaking
- Map changes and rebalancing makes map objectives less valuable
- Snowballing changes

Steam Sale:
Vik: Democracy 3, Rogue Legacy, wanted to buy Nether…
Logan: Master Reboot
Hi-Ya: Forced, Monaco


- Worst possible game to live cast
- Best snack food for MOBAs
- Most recent time science let you down
- Adventure Time character you’d most like to take a road trip with

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Ep 4.09 – Prince of the Nexus talks W*

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- Vik is back in WoW, LFR tourism via boosted 90

- Logan kills Heroic Garrosh on 10M.


- MadCast Prince talks about WildStar leveling, housing, dungeons, challenges and problems with the game.


- Vik Arena craziness...

Ep 4.08 – How You Should Spend Your Summer Break

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This week it's just our hosts talking about what they've been up to.

Topics covered include:

- Blizzcon Ticketing Clusterfuck

- Matchmaking in Heroes of the Storm

- Why's it so hard to get the Gwen Stacy story right?

- LeetSauced Guide to Living: How You Should Spend Your Summer Break...

Ep IV.VII – The Book of Meloree

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This week our guest is Meloree, formerly Mel of Edge (still Mel of Edge on twitter, but not really on twitter unless you're cool enough to deserve an @mention from him. Maybe try sending Tim Horton's gift cards to earn his favor.)...

Ep 4.06 – WoW Talk with Logan & Theck

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This week our guest was Theck from Maintankadin and Sacred Duty. We follow up our previous episode about Warlords of Draenor alpha changes with a meta discussion about the current state of the game and forward-looking commentary. But first, we jump into an unexpected discussion about Secret World an...

Episode 4.05 – Warlords of Drain-or?

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In this week's host-filled episode, we talk about the Warlords of Draenor alpha notes released by Blizzard last week, focusing on the general game-play changes and strategic decisions looking forward.

What we've been playing:

Logan: Siege of Orgrimmar, URF Mode, Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project...

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