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Episode 4.13 – Kobe ain’t got shit


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Leetsauced Podcast

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Description: 2 Guys, 1 Guest, A few beverages.

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Episode 4.13 – Kobe ain’t got shit

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Things we discussed in today’s show:

– Don’t send death threats, cool?
– WoW 6.0.2
– Garrosh Heirlooms
– Free MoP
– Hearthstone
– Tomogachi Life
– Smash Bros on 3DS
– The Walking Dead Season 2

“If the mustache tickles….”

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Ep 4.12 – Gamer Survey & 4th Anniversary

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Hey gang!

This show we celebrate our 4th Anniversary (Birthday?) with just the three of us, mainly because Vik is lame and didn't book a guest who could work around his university schedule.

What We've Been Playing

Logan - Solforge, Professor Layton, WoW SoO

Hi-Ya - Rune Factory 4, Diablo III...

Episode 4.11 – What’s the Info?

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Welcome to another installment of The LeetSauced Podcast. We've got the crew all gathered up for the first time in almost two months. Join us as we catch up on what we've been enjoying in the world of games and/or beverages.

Topics Discussed:...

Ep Four-Ten (but not Fourteen)

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What We've Been Playing:

Logan: Idols, Wildstar grinding

Hi-Ya: Monaco, Forced, random steam titles

Vik: Heroes, Hearthstone

Brill: Heroes, Hearthstone, WoW, Wildstar


Heroes of the Storm:

- latest patch includes fix to matchmaking...

Ep 4.09 – Prince of the Nexus talks W*

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- Vik is back in WoW, LFR tourism via boosted 90

- Logan kills Heroic Garrosh on 10M.


- MadCast Prince talks about WildStar leveling, housing, dungeons, challenges and problems with the game.


- Vik Arena craziness...

Ep 4.08 – How You Should Spend Your Summer Break

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This week it's just our hosts talking about what they've been up to.

Topics covered include:

- Blizzcon Ticketing Clusterfuck

- Matchmaking in Heroes of the Storm

- Why's it so hard to get the Gwen Stacy story right?

- LeetSauced Guide to Living: How You Should Spend Your Summer Break...

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