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Ep 4.15 – Post-Blizzcon Pre-Black Friday


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Leetsauced Podcast

Leetsauced Crew

Description: 2 Guys, 1 Guest, A few beverages.

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Ep 4.15 – Post-Blizzcon Pre-Black Friday

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What We’ve Been Playing:
Evan: League of Legends, Cupie Shooting, This War of Mine
Logan: Warlords of Draenor, Smash (in the future, which is now, but was the future in the past), Pokemon TCG
Vik: WoD villainy, Heroes of the Storm, Yosemite Repair Squad 2k14

Topics Discussed in this Show
– Blizzcon
– Black Friday gaming sales
– Super Smash Bros
– Amiibos

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Ep 4.14 – Halloween & Blizzcon 2014 Prep

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This week we are gearing up for our annual trip to the Anaheim convention center to watch the StarCraft 2 Finals, and whatever else they plan to show us at Blizzcon.

Things we discuss in this episode:

Favorite Scary/Horror Games...

Mini-sode – Blizzcon 2014 Travel Games

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We separated this part from our longer Blizzcon 2014 prep episode, so that we can give you our tips about the best games for traveling to/from Blizzcon.

Listen in for our advice on the best 3DS, PS Vita, iOS and Android games to keep yourself entertained on your trip to (or while standing in line at...

Episode 4.13 – Kobe ain’t got shit

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Things we discussed in today's show:

- Don't send death threats, cool?

- WoW 6.0.2

- Garrosh Heirlooms

- Free MoP

- Hearthstone

- Tomogachi Life

- Smash Bros on 3DS

- The Walking Dead Season 2

"If the mustache tickles...."...

Ep 4.12 – Gamer Survey & 4th Anniversary

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Hey gang!

This show we celebrate our 4th Anniversary (Birthday?) with just the three of us, mainly because Vik is lame and didn't book a guest who could work around his university schedule.

What We've Been Playing

Logan - Solforge, Professor Layton, WoW SoO

Hi-Ya - Rune Factory 4, Diablo III...

Episode 4.11 – What’s the Info?

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Welcome to another installment of The LeetSauced Podcast. We've got the crew all gathered up for the first time in almost two months. Join us as we catch up on what we've been enjoying in the world of games and/or beverages.

Topics Discussed:...

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