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Chocolate Diamonds


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Description: Information about choosing, buying and setting lab created diamonds and other synthetic gems.

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Chocolate Diamonds

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Diamonds are our most prized precious gem. But brown diamonds have never enjoyed the popularity of the clear variety.  Although diamonds come in a range of light to strong yellow browns, clearer diamonds are usually seen as more desirable. However true chocolate diamonds, which have a stronger hue than found on the normal diamond color grading scale, are promoted as being equivalent to other fancy diamonds and as such have become more desirable than paler stones – helped in no small part by the clever marketing move to change the name from brown to chocolate diamonds. It’s worth noting that the term chocolate diamond is used almost exclusively by one jewelry company to describe its brown diamonds – others use different terms, with cafe diamonds and cognac diamonds also describing gemstones of different shades of brown. So what are chocolate diamonds?

Chocolate diamonds are real diamonds, that get their brown color from traces of different minerals from the geographic area they are found. Most brown diamonds come from Australia, and there are also synthetic chocolate diamonds that are even less expensive that are available in a variety of different types of jewelry – lab created chocolate diamonds.

This chocolate diamond ring uses white accent diamonds to emphasise the rich brown color.

Chocolate Diamond Rings

Chocolate diamond rings often have standard diamonds or light gemstone settings to really set off the darker stone. They’re also often used as accent stones on settings that come with a clear gem like a diamond or a very bright colored stone. Chocolate diamonds sparkle and glimmer just as much as any other gemstone but their deep color gives them a special and unique look.

Synthetic Chocolate Diamonds

As with any other lab created diamond, lab created chocolate diamonds are not distinguishable from the real thing by eye. Chemically and structurally very similar, these diamonds would need to be tested by a jeweler to pick a synthetic version.

If you do purchase a chocolate diamond, whether natural or synthetic, then you also have the peace of mind of knowing that your diamond is an ethical purchase. Since most come from Australia, these aren’t like controversial war diamonds that are mined in places that are bloody with conflict. Although new to the jewelry market, chocolate diamonds are sure to remain popular for years because they offer something unique, unmatched by any other gemstone.

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