Secrets of the Red Carpet: Hair Extension Expert Susie Smith Shows How ANYONE Can Use Extensions


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Stevie Wilson

Los Angeles, CA

Description: LA Story by Stevie Wilson, LA's Girl in the Know & On the Go!

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Secrets of the Red Carpet: Hair Extension Expert Susie Smith Shows How ANYONE Can Use Extensions

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Ever wonder what it would be like to have extensions? Could you afford it? Would it change your look? How high maitenance is it? Extensions Expert Susie Smith who did another video on this blog is here to show you what it takes and how easy it can be-- without most people even being able to notice that you did anything to your hair. strong>Susie Smith is an amazing expert when it comes to hair and hair extensions. She makes it look effortless and it's because she's certified in a many types of extensions. Check out what she does with Ryka who adds some serious blonde pops to her long dark locks. She looks stunning! Get the look of highlights without the time or the damage to the hair. The cost is about the same as chemical highlights, doesn't fade and lasts just as long (maybe longer). You can add in fullness by adding in shorter extensions to give your hair more depth and create dimension with light and dark extensions mixed in-- just like chemical highlighting but without damaging your hair. Here's a bit on Susie's background: Her entrepreneurial spirit consistently urges her to branch out, and that’s why she owns two Makin’ Waves salons, one in Huntington Beach and her most recent location inside The Collection Building in the Financial District of Los Angeles, California. At her Los Angeles location, Susie offers hair extension classes through her company, Hollywood Hair Extensions. “I love being a mentor. I developed this business over several years because so many of my peers asked me to share my knowledge with them. I am thrilled to pieces to offer these classes and to certify cosmetologists from my salon in the heart of Downtown LA. Life couldn’t be better!” Susie is certified and proficient in multiple hair extension systems: Hair Dreams, Great Lengths Thermal, Great Lengths Cold Fusion, Cinderella Hair, Mega Tips, Hot Heads, Hair Locks, NXS, Pro Hair, Dome of London, Seamless/Invisible skin wefts and Micro links. She works with women and men of all ages and backgrounds and is fluent with both short and long hairstyles. She has worked on numerous celebrities, rock stars, actresses and models and is equally at home in her salons and on movie and music video sets. Susie has worked backstage at concert venues, on tour buses, and behind the scenes at TV shows. “It’s been a blast working with the celebrities. When Courtney Love had her infamous scene where she jumped on David Letterman’s desk and removed her top back in 2004, well, I did her extensions! Quite a challenge as you can imagine, considering what was going on in her life at the time. I had to quickly transform her neglected locks into beautiful hair and I had to do it fast. Celebrity Hair Stylist Susie Smith Shows How Easy & Fast Extensions Can Be to Update Your Look Stevie: Pre-Hair Extensions from the back. Note the layer of my hair that's growing out. We have been consistently trimming my hair into layers as the layers grow out so that it doesn't look so chunky/shelf-like. Why would I test this out? Why would I not test this out! First off, how can I tell you if this is a viable option if I haven't tried it. The time it took to put them in was a bit, but nothing hurt. You can see that in the video. The volume difference was substantial in my hair. I will forewarn you that if you add more length or volume, the time for washing, drying, and styling will be longer. That's just a fact of life! If you almost double the amount of hair you have, it requires more time. Do note that you will have to use a different sort of brush: boars hair brush in the shape of your choice. The trick is to keep the keratin beads attached to my hair and nylon brushes have tiny beads on the bristles that rip them out. So do be careful. Do not use combs either. Be gentle with your hair-- after all these are attached to your regular hair as well. Stevie: POST Hair Extensions Wow!

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