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4th to Last Kooba Show EVER!


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Description: The usigned bands Podcast!

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4th to Last Kooba Show EVER!

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On this show…

It’s the 4th to last Kooba Show EVER! We decided to dredge up a few old favourite tunes and then talk all over them in our usual way. We also investigate the other instances of Koobas throughout history, take a trip to a parallel universe where Alex had his own radio show, discuss Myles’s touch of death and give a nod to old pals like Gibbo, Orange & Blue, the Request Box Problem, Nina, Little Jimmy Adkins, the Fox Crew, Chuckles, Nathan, Charlie and many more lovely people.


Kooba River - Kooba Kooba

The Boots - Alexander

My Son The Bum - Issues

Riddler - Candy Delight

Luxembourg - Close Cropped (Kooba Session Version)

Neville’s First Nintendo - Gruntilda’s Lair

Wonk Unit - ‘pon The Scaffold the Wind Cuts Through

Special Relationship - No Curse

Elephant Vs Leopard - Bear Trap

Dead Empire - This Curse

Omi Palone – Whirlwind

Black Kettle - Hot Mess

Jesus Licks - Hair Barbie

Keith Burton - Lizards Abroad

Chuckles The Clown – Tallulah

The Mod-Est Lads - She Said Bi

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