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Description: The usigned bands Podcast!

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Five Left

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On this show…

Only 5 more shows left before we shut up shop so make the most of it while you can! Here’s a feature length special with the usual three amigos plus we have flown Mylesy in for the final run as well. We have many many tunes from Kooba’s decade on the airwaves and a couple of newbies as well. Enjoy.


Plastik – Drive In Movie Eyes

Taba - Sexy Transistor

Norma - Golden Retreiver

Planet Pluto - Corso

Zocalo - Fire Flood

Laurel Collective - International Love Affair

8 Year Old Mum - 8 Year Old Mum

Air Hammer - Korea Korea

The Lovely Brothers – Dodgy Night Club

Aluminum Babe – So Mean To Me

Bonsai Kittens - Geoffinately Maybe

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