Nitro Game Injection - Video Game Music Podcast

Nitro Game Injection - Video Game Music Podcast

Description: Nitro Game Injection (NGI) is a weekly video game music podcast that focuses on original soundtracks, remixes, cover tunes, and doujin bands. The show is hosted by Kyle "KyleJCrb" Crouse and Larry "Li

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Radio OverCoat 2014-06-11: Eating Fried Rice with Spacemen

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Played some tracks from this cool album tonight, check it out! THE TICKLES WILL NEVER STOP. StatueOfDiveo – Brahms’ Lullaby mitch murder – saturdays royal sefton – visitor HWLS – 003 Super Square – Anywhere Everywhere Josh...

Touhou Tuesday 2014-06-10: Jerico’s Wall of Sound

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This week’s episode happened to take place right after the Nintendo E3 conference, so I was all too excited to be talking about E3 stuff today on the show. I also monologued a brief history of Touhouwiki and why it and the Touhou Wikia are separate entities. On top of that I played the usual...

Nitro Game Injection #259: Boss Rush (feat. Zero Nimbus & Meta Man of Do a Barrel Roll!)

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Larry and Kyle discuss the amazingness that is Luigi’s Death Stare, question if Dr. halc is actually a licensed medical practitioner, drudge up OverClocked ReMix’s dirty shady past, and more. They are also joined by Meta Man and Zero Nimbus of the VGM cover band Do a Barrel Roll!, who ar...

Radio OverCoat 2014-06-04: Kart in June

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Death In June – Life Under Siege Maxo x Jonathan – Nice Feelings Haruomi Hosono (細野晴臣) – Teaching Of Sphinx livetune feat.初音ミク – ファインダー (imoutoid’s“Finder Is Not Desktop Experience Remix”) Fearofdark – Spectronosis Death in June ...

Touhou Tuesday 2014-06-03: Moo

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What a treat today was! Mamizou gave me a mystery box the night before the show, telling me not to open it until a talking break today. I opened it up halfway through the show and saw two brand new Shibayan CDs, courtesy of my friend AngryCow. Thanks a lot dude! I then got ferociously ... Continue r...

Nitro Game Injection #258: Flyin’ Solo

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Kyle goes it alone for this episode featuring new music from Pongball, The Megas, Travis Morgan, SnappleMan, and PrototypeRaptor, along with some classic VG remixes and more! PLAYLIST: 1. Sir NutS – Nitro Game Extended (from The NGI EP :: ) 2. Pongball – Grinsia Main Them...

Radio OverCoat 2014-05-28: What’s Pink and Raps?

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Check out this rad rap album. Pink Guy – Bitches Aint Shit Apogee & Perigee – 真空キッス ROOM8 – Visions Of You (feat. Electric Youth) (Miami Nights 1984 Remix) Pink Guy – FRIED RICE (Prod. Beeza) Yukihiro Takahashi – Stop In The Name Of Love MAXO – h o n...

Touhou Tuesday 2014-05-27: Gibe de Dancefloor B0ss ~ Babbe’s “Blossoming Dancefloor” Listening Party!

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Download the album here! Babbe brings us yet another German-flavored EDM album full of amazing Touhou arrangements. The album is available for free or you can name your price...

Nitro Game Injection #257: Unsealed Legacy (CarboHydroM’s Decade Celebration & “Prime Legacy” Listening Party)

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Nitro Game Injection pays tribute to Christophe “CarboHydroM” Blondel, featuring his brand new original album Prime Legacy as well as a number of selections from his extensive VGM remix catalog, including a brand new arrangement of his legendary Link to the Past medley! PLAYLIST: 1.Carbo...

Radio OverCoat 2014-05-14: Drive Slow, Hoenn

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Tonight I played some awesome chiptunes from a lot of talented people! They came together to celebrate Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire and made an album called Hoenn Week Never Ends! Check it out if you like trumpets. Also, to end the show I played this awesome mix from ta-ku that I discovered today. Yo...

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