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S2 Ep3 Part1 - News, Stabi & Hauntcon Review


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Juuno's Corner

Juuno Korialstrasz

Las Vegas, NV

Description: World of Warcraft, Las Vegas and other signs of Life...

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S2 Ep3 Part1 - News, Stabi & Hauntcon Review

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Hello Darlings!  We’re back with Part One of Episode Three:  News and the Hauntcon review.  We recorded for FOUR HOURS!  So this is the first part, as it would have taken another two months to

get the whole thing out in one…hehehe… sorry for the delay!  (p.s. this episode is only lightly edited, sorry about Stabitha’s sniffles! <=)

Juuno: We went to Hauntcon (it was AWESOME!); Nerdenstein (Kyle Marlett) has a new show (”It’s Tricky,” @royalhouselv); just released Episode 8 or my other podcast, Rift Shinies

(www.RiftShinies.podbean.com); playing a lot of Rift, some Sims Social and Castleville (on Facebook), some SWTOR, ordered Tera and the Secret World, deleted Neverwinter Nights II, Age of Conan,

DDO, Aion; splitting JC in half at least because it’s so damn long!!

News Stories discussed:

Originally saw this on the Haunt Forums…

Birthday Surprise!

With friends like these…

Divorce Hotel!

Take that, you ipod thief!

I need that McD’s more than you do!

Tabi Time - Hauntcon Review, school’s out, work, new digs, car woes!

Music: For Season 2, Episode 3, I’ll be featuring a wonderful band called The Commuters.  You may remember that we featured their EP late last year in one of our episodes.  Well, now they have

released their debut album, called “Rescue”!  Not only is that fabulous, but they’re giving it away for FREE for a limited time!  Please take a moment and go over to their website, and if you type in

www.TheCommuters.com/music you’ll find the area where you can download their entire album…for free!

On This Episode:  Bombs Away and Fallen From Grace by The Commuters!

Also included in JC is music from Mevio’s Music Alley (Halloween Girl by Ghost’s on the Radio)

***Big shout outs and hugs to The Big G, Matt Diox, Leralond, Tedra, Leeda, Jeppy, Ashayo, Aprillian, Dreams, El Big Vato, and Rigarmorty (I hope you’re listening to Rigarmorty’s

Blight Night, it’s one of my very favorites, and Dreams’ OMGNAP, too!) We love you guys, and gals…you’re all wonderful!  Big hugs!***

Thank you for listening!  Part 2 will be out in 1-2 weeks… I promise!!!!  =D