Junk Food Dinner

JFD221: War of the Stars, Traxx, SymbioPsychoTaxiPlasm: Take One


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Junk Food Dinner

Kevin, Mark & Parker


Description: Junk Food Dinner is a weekly podcast dedicated to cult films.

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JFD221: War of the Stars, Traxx, SymbioPsychoTaxiPlasm: Take One

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Got a movie suggestion for the show, want to give your opinion on a movie we talked about or just want to tell us we suck? Drop us a line at JFDPodcast@gmail.com. Or leave us a voicemail: 347-746-JUNK (5865).

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JFD220: Mahakaal, Dreamaniac, Bad Dreams

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Welcome to our nightmare this week as Junk Food Dinner checks out three Fake Freddy Fiascos! These flicks all borrow heavily from A Nightmare on Elm Street, but are they a dream come true? It depends on how much you enjoy moonwalking. First up, an Indian Michael Jackson impersonator, silly kung fu...

JFD219: Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, Dear God No!, Captain America (1979)

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Sean's out this week, so we're joined by Jamie Jenkins from The Skeleton Crew, Devour the Podcast, Lychan It, Evil Episodes and Direct to Video Connoisseur podcasts!                                      ...

JFD217: Back to the Beach, South Beach Academy, Welcome to Arrow Beach

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Put on your swimsuit, grab your towel and apply some sunscreen because this week JFD is bringing you some fun in the sun with our action-packed beach theme show! Up first, Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello have outgrown their beach party past and are living in Ohio with their punk rock son Bobby...

JFD216: Cards of Death, Belladonna of Sadness, Killing American Style

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Things get really weird this week on Junk Food Dinner. Parker Bowman's on the road so we call in the ghostly Mark Freado, and we're also joined by special guest Zack Carlson of Bleeding Skull and Destroy All Movies for a lively chat about 35mm, misplaced irony, fat ten-year-olds and shot on video o...

JFD215: Stage Fright, Summer Camp, Little Darlings (for real)

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Grab your bunk buddy, cuz we're going to the woods for our annual summer camp theme show! First, campers at drama club are being stalked by a murderous phantom in 2014's "Stage Fright." The film is half musical, half slasher and stars Meat Loaf and Minnie Driver. Next, sexy disco hijinx ensue in Ch...

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