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Jump Kick Punch! Ep.189: Can Be a Wizard


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Jump Kick Punch!


Atlanta, GA

Description: Once a week, Brandon, Josh, Tom, and Zack revel in their own conversation while arguing and making fun of whatever it is geeks are arguing about or making fun of that week.

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Jump Kick Punch! Ep.189: Can Be a Wizard

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“I believe in myself!”

With the news from NYCC fresh on their minds, this week’s show finds Brandon, Eric, Josh and Tom walking through Marvel and DC’s recently revealed 6-year movie calendar to discover when, exactly, they should start getting excited. Then, after the break, the gang spoils The Book of Life, Josh journeys back to 2008 for some Spore, Brandon gives some late impressions on 3DS Smash Bros. and everyone enjoys a bit of anime nonsense.

Hit the jump for this week’s helpful superhero timeline and a few related videos!

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