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Jump Kick Punch! Ep.182: The Ultimate Wrangle


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Jump Kick Punch!


Atlanta, GA

Description: Once a week, Brandon, Josh, Tom, and Zack revel in their own conversation while arguing and making fun of whatever it is geeks are arguing about or making fun of that week.

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Jump Kick Punch! Ep.182: The Ultimate Wrangle

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“I’m an adult, and that means getting mad at video games.”

We’re wranglin’ nerds, saving kittens and getting tattoos! Join Brandon, Josh and Tom on the eve of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con as they cast the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, celebrate a new take on Batgirl and a more diverse Marvel universe, play some Hearthstone, crush on Hatsune Miku, and welcome the latest additions to the Smash roster. Plus– a whole lot of listener emails!

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Jump Kick Punch! Ep.181: Following Donutsaurus

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"I self-identify as a painted baby boat."

This week's show finds Brandon, Eric and Harrison welcoming Zack back to the table for an evening of potato salad Kickstarters and a few recent games (like Entwined and Shovel Knight). Then, after the break, Emily joins the show to heap praise u...

Jump Kick Punch! Ep.180: Holodeck Film Noir

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"Look at the stupid future!"

Harrison is back from his first-ever E3 and Brandon, Eric and Tom have oh so many questions. Which booths had the shortest lines? Who had the most comfortable-looking uniform?? What the hell is Hohokum??? Where was Randy Pitchford???? Most of these answers and more (or...

Jump Kick Punch! Ep.179: The E3 No-No Zone

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"If you wanna make checkers you can make checkers because you're a fucking maniac."

E3 2014 is here! The big press conferences came and went, and now it falls to Brandon, Eric, Josh, Tom, Jen and rather-special-guest Tyler (yes, that Tyler) to dissect, digest and re-deliver. From highlights to hiccu...

Jump Kick Punch! Ep.178: Gum Up the Buttworks

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E3 2014 is nigh! Tune in as Brandon, Tom and Eric seize this final opportunity to pool their collective wits, peer into the future and predict which major surprises haven't already been announced. Plus: a little godzilla, a little Batman/Ant Man movie chatter, and som...

Jump Kick Punch! Ep.177: The Colony Drop

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"Well, now you're not invited anymore."

Enjoy a low-key episode this week as Harrison tempers excitement for his first (and sudden) E3 trip, Brandon likes the look of Sunset Overdrive and Eric tries to hawk his ticket to the Shatterdome. Plus, a little chatter about Nintendo's figure-based NFC...

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