Joy the Baker

Joy the Baker

Joy Wilson and Tracy Benjamin

Description: Joy the Baker talks about everything from food and photography, to blogging and candy cars.

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Step Into A Slim Jim (Cat Harness)

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In this episode we discuss Joy's trip to Uganda with Compassion International, Tracy's obscure Olympic fascination, and manual dexterity...

Say No To The Show

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Joy the Baker and Tracy Shutterbean wish you a happy new year. Now let's eat cheeseburgers!...

I Wish You Were Chicken

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Can we remake Death Becomes Her and cast Carrot Top? Cool, thanks...


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Oh you know... just another Joy the Baker podcast for your ears! This week on the podcast we discuss the time-honored tradition: YOLO. You Only Live Once. Oooh all of the things we justify with this phrase. Mostly we justify pizza and gin. No one said this was going to be glamorous...

A Blessing Disguised as a Scarf

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Hey friends! Welcome to this, our 60th podcast. Join us as we discuss solo wedding adventures, quarter life crisis, infinity scarves, and Ethan Hawke. Yes. All of those things. Don't worry... It barely makes sense. Sixty is the new Fifty. Or is Fifty the new Sixty? We can't seem to figure th...

Bleazy Steez

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This week on the Joy the Baker Podcast, Joy and Tracy sweat it out together in NYC and Pennsylvania. They talk about jealousy, inspiration, destruction... and maybe-dates. Also... what's a red flag in a dude's apartment... and why is there never any toilet paper!? Geez...

Shuck It in a Bucket

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This week we're saying Buck It to Summer! What's on our summer bucket list? S'mores. Crafts. A summer dance spectacle. We also take your calls about unwanted emails, siren songs, and kooky child traits. We also play just about the best song EVER about this very podcast!...

Golden Mickey

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We're 50 episodes in!!

Can you believe it! Tonight we'll relive some of our more hilarious moments, we'll take your phone calls, and we'll chat with the man behind the curtain at Homefries...

Brushing My Teeth With Cookies

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Let's talk! This week on the podcast we're talking about the stress of moving, the goodness of Trader Joe's, our siren songs, and how to deal with Mother's Day. You know... just the usual!...

Close to a Third Party

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Joy and Tracy are back with some chatter! Today they discuss the continuing Joy the Baker book tour, a few of their recent obsessions, and what kind of silly things go down in a hot air balloon. Boom Boom Pow...

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