Joy the Baker

Joy the Baker

Joy Wilson and Tracy Benjamin

Description: Joy the Baker talks about everything from food and photography, to blogging and candy cars.

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More Woo than Woe

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This week on the Joy the Baker podcast, Joy and Tracy dive into their Frequently Asked Questions from readers and listeners! Let's get nosey.

Also... poor Cooper is sick, Tracy eats old (but good!) cookies, and Joy needs a smoothie stat!...

The Crush Episode 14 Witness the Chickness

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Beer that doesn't make you burp and how to 'hyperdecant' a wine with a common kitchen appliance. And Whitney and Christina crack open their 'Never Drink Alone' wine for everyone to taste together!...

The Crush Episode 13 A Bowl of Lambrusco

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What green wine did Whitney try? What the heck is Qvevri? How does Pavarotti like to drink his Lambrusco?...

The Crush Episode 12 Land of the Hanepoot

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On this week's episode of The Crush, find out why Christina only drinks beer at weddings. Find out who is bringing the fanny pack back, and find out where Hanepoot grapes are grown...
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