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Robin Marvel - May 02,2012


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Robin Marvel - May 02,2012

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Life is made of choices. We have all heard this statement at one time or another during our journey of life. This is not just a saying to me it is a way of life. I learned at a very young age that our choices determine the success that we achieve in our lives. You can not live in a state of blame in the present for the lifestyle you survived as a child. You have the opportunity to choose to see the experiences as lessons that will carry you to your desired life. I have used these unfortunate circumstances I lived as a child and turned them into a way to encourage others to live a life of confidence and strength. Many people are faced with the same circumstances as I was and they are not sure about who they are. My passion lies in guiding these children to heal from the inside out resulting in a strong, confident, empowered person that will change the world.

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