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Feel Free To Sing The Song Now


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Cute Overload

Description: Cute Overload :D

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Feel Free To Sing The Song Now

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You know the one.

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Photo 1: “Dammit Boots, I’m trying work here and your Cuteness is distracting!” -Lara A.
Photo 2: “Lilli. In daily position on closet door.” -Victoria B.
Photo 3: Lily, from Felicia S.

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Oh, Ya Want Some Sloth Ringtones, Eh?

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Saffron commented on our Maximum Slothy Squeakage post yesterday. “I want those prosh ‘Ehn’s’ as my ringtone.”

No problem. Click the link to hear the file: to save, just right click and “Save link as” for Windows, or Control/Click on a Mac.

Sloth Squeak 1...

But the Cat on April Fools

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Download: 02-the-fool-on-the-hill.mp3


Sees the sun going down

And the eyes in his head

See the world spinning round.

Via Rocket News, no foolin’.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: April Fool!, Kittens...

Strike A Pose

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[Look, all this controversy about Kim Kardashian on Vogue. Blah blah BLAH. Enough, darlings. I'LL do the dog-gone cover, OK? I've already got my hair done. Styleesh, no?

Anna Wintour, give me a call, will you? XO]

Download: 15-vogue.mp3...

Usually, I Prefer Orville J. Redenbacher

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but this will do quite nicely, THANKUVERYMUCH!

From The Squid O’ Laughter.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Guinea Pigs...

Big Pig Little Pig

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“Meet Cora the Guinea Pig. ‘He’ is almost four years old. The pet store told us he was female, we named him Cora. After his first vet visit, they let us know our little Cora is actually..male. However, he loves his name and rocks his pink ear. I visit your site everyday and I think...

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