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Maybe We Should Bring Out The Pharrell Song Again


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Cute Overload

Description: Cute Overload :D

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Maybe We Should Bring Out The Pharrell Song Again

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Because if ANY video deserves the song “Happy,” this one would be it! This is Frank, everyone. Had a tough life at first, but as you can see, he’s pretty well bounced back.

UPDATE: Yup, Frankie should have the song.

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One Second After This Photo Was Taken…

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…well, let’s just say it did not go well. (Update: JAWS theme added by request.)

Mylo getting ready to drop the hammer on an unsuspecting kitteh, c/o Juliann.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Impending Doom, Photobomb...

Life In the Fast Lane

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Not really sure how hoomin Phillip M. got all these different camera angles, but from ANY angle, Moose is clearly enjoying his spin in a Porsche Cayman S. The cheek flapping ALONE is worth the price of admission. Wait- there’s no admission here. Never mind...

Triple Sqwerl Assault Course

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How greedy are Sqwerls? VERY. Not sure why this says “Double Assault Course,” ’cause this British fellow Steve Barley set up THREE separate assault courses for his backyard buddies to traverse, in order to get the food. Maybe ’cause he only ended up with two sqwerls? Eithe...

Splish Splash We Wuz Takin’ A Bath-

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After a long day, where do you clean up? Well, Kristen B.’s house, it seems.

“Hi guys and gals, I thought you might like to see my colourful automatic outdoor pond cleaners. One of these Rosellas spends the better...

♫ Way Up North (North To Alaska) ♫

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Got a terrific email from Karen K., who just returned from a trip to the Great White North. (Well, technically that’s Canada, but AK’s got a lotta snow and stuff, so it works, right?) Anyway, here come her photos and comments in the hovers. (+ oldie but goodie by Johnny Horton:)...

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