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It’s not about politics | 158 Coffee & Cigarettes

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There seems to be a spirit fear running through this nation, especially among Christians. As a result of our frustrations, we direct them towards politicians and even one another. But we should know that is not the answer. Our problem is not the wrong politicians or policies. Our real focus should b...

Crucified Thief | 157 Coffee & Cigarettes

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Critics of the Bible love to find "contradictions" and highlight them for the world to see. One critic, in particular, has brought to my attention the inconsistent accounts of the thieves crucified next to Christ...

Purifying Idolatry | 156 Coffee & Cigarettes

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First up in this episode, I took a question from someone on Twitter about the church practice of re-baptism--baptizing someone who has been previously baptized in another church or denomination. Perhaps I raised more questions than I answered, but there are several things to consider in this subject...

American Idol | 155 Coffee & Cigarettes

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Idolatry is a subtle creature which can exist in our hearts apart from graven images or false gods. There is even a fine between patriotism or love of country and idolatry. Where should the Christian person stand in the realm of politics?

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Scrutinizing Orthodoxy | 154 Coffee & Cigarettes

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As Paul the apostle traveled from city to city, his custom was to visit the synagogues and reason with the Jews out of the scriptures. When he came to Berea, the Bible narrative described them as more noble for their critical thinking...

House Finale | 153 Coffee & Cigarettes

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Much could be said about the House series finale or the series altogether for that matter. I have known friends to be turned off by the show because there was simply "too much House" and not enough focus on the medical mysteries. Others avoided watching because of the promotion of atheism and the fi...

Spiritually Psychological | 152 Coffee & Cigarettes

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Psychology is a fascinating science to me. I love to read studies and what we've managed to learn about the human mind and behavior. However, I've also noticed how science often falls short. There are some aspects we cannot seem to understand. For instance, how could a confirmed psychopath ever chan...

Ambiguous Worship | 151 Coffee & Cigarettes

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Under the old covenant, there were some fairly strict rules for what could be in the temple and how things should be done in the temple. However, we’re not under that covenant and a few things have changed. For instance, the importance of a building or geographical location for worship is no more...

Scanty Demonstrations | 150 Coffee & Cigarettes

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Most of our complaints about the government require massive changes. Whether we're talking about ending the warfare state, the welfare state, crony capitalism, and so on, small and incremental changes are not going to cut it...

Leaving Church | 149 Coffee & Cigarettes

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Christ said, "Upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven." The writer of Hebrews tells us, "Let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works: Not forsaking the assembling of...
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