Tomfoolery & Japery Star Trek Podcast

Tomfoolery & Japery Star Trek Podcast

John Holdcroft & Nathaniel Brown

Description: Star Trek podcast from Tomfoolery and Japery

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T&J Star Trek Podcast Episode 30 Amok Time

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Spock runs Amok in downtown Vulcan! Watch with John & Nat as they observe the mating rites of the usually stoic half-breed...

T&J Star Trek Podcast Episode 19 Tomorrow Is Yesterday

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Is tomorrow really yesterday? It is when the Enterprise goes back in time to save the world from the fact that they went back in time.... it's actually quite confusing.  Just watch the episode!Join us in our other show, the T&J Movie Podcast.  It's movie-podcast-tastic!...

T&J Star Trek Podcast Ep 4 The Naked Time

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I can think of two things wrong with that title. Here’s our commentary of one of the best episodes of The Original Series. Glistening Sulu, emotional Spock, horny Chapel - it’s all here!

Hey you should totally check out our other show - The Tomfoolery & Japery Movie Podcast. ...

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