Tomfoolery & Japery Star Trek Podcast

Tomfoolery & Japery Star Trek Podcast

John Holdcroft & Nathaniel Brown

Description: Star Trek podcast from Tomfoolery and Japery

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T&J Star Trek Podcast Episode 45 The Gamesters of Triskelion

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Yet another race of hyper-intelligent all-powerful beings try to mess with The Kirk. Those glowing brains never stood a chance!...

T&J Star Trek Podcast Movie Commentary Wrath of Khan

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(we watch the movie and talk over it- oh you get the idea by now!)...

T&J Star Trek Podcast Episode 28 The City on the Edge of Forever

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Widely regarded as the best Star Trek episode ever made... and we talk all through it! Join us!

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T&J Star Trek Podcast Episode 26 Errand of Mercy

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Klingons, bitch! Watch as John Colicos originates the classic Trek bad guys. As usual, John & Nat are there to make bad jokes about high-waisted pants.  Cutting-edge comedy, that!Head to for more!...

T&J Star Trek Podcast Episode 24 This Side Of Paradise

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If I had a dollar for every time I've had a flower ejaculate all over me, I'd have exactly zero dollars. The crew of the enterprise, on the other hand....Also bestiality jokes. Sorry about that one.Send us an email!

T&J Star Trek Podcast Episode 23 A Taste of Armageddon

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Another one in which The Kirk comes down to a planet who didn't want him, and completely stuffs up 500 years of culture and history. But it's for the better! Honestly!Hey you should totally 'Like' our Facebook page! Your friends will see how much you like Star Trek and... uh... well, that'll make yo...

T&J Star Trek Podcast Episode 21 Return of the Archons

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Hello friend, are you of the Body? This is a creepy, wonderful episode of Classic Trek. Won't you watch it with us?Hey, you should also listen to our other show! The Tomfoolery & Japery Movie podcast...

T&J Star Trek Podcast Episode 17 The Squire of Gothos

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‘Ello Squire! What happens when a near-omnipotent child captures the Enterprise to use as his playthings? He gets smacked down by The Kirk, that’s what!Head to iTunes and leave us a review! Get the word out about our plucky little ‘cast...

T&J Star Trek Podcast Episode 14 Balance of Terror

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It's a submarine hunt in space! Watch this amazing Trek episode with John & Nat, and marvel at the great acting by Mark "The Awesome" Lenard.Head to iTunes and review our show! We'll love you forever...

T&J Star Trek Podcast Episode 13 The Conscience of the King

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The play's the thing! Watch this underrated, classic episode. Shakespeare would be proud!Follow us on Twitter! @japery...

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