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#17 - Clinton Yates, Washington Post Express


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It's All Journalism

Megan Cloherty, Michael O'Connell and Julia O'Donoghue

Washington, D.C.

Description: It’s All Journalism brings together the experiences of working journalists as they explore this continuously evolving field.

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#17 - Clinton Yates, Washington Post Express

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Get motivated by the change that's happening in newsrooms, or get left behind. That was part of the conversation during our talk with Clinton Yates, local news editor for the The 3 Wise Men podcast.


"Is there pressure to get along other platforms? I guess. But if you don't feel the pressure and you're in the business, I don't really know what you're there for," Yates said in the podcast recorded on Dec. 8.


He has the mindset of a multimedia journalist but came about it in a very organic way, by taking on each platform as his career branched off to new mediums.


Yates spoke to It's All Journalism about the challenges and rewards of being a multi-platform journalist.


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