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#12 - Election Special


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It's All Journalism

Megan Cloherty, Michael O'Connell and Julia O'Donoghue

Washington, D.C.

Description: It’s All Journalism brings together the experiences of working journalists as they explore this continuously evolving field.

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#12 - Election Special

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It's All Journalism Producer Jolie Lee had the chance to spend election night at NPR headquarters in DC with 30 journalists, community activists and political geeks. The event was hosted by NPR's social media desk and senior strategist Andy Carvin.

Also, Producer Michael O'Connell interviewed Danish journalist Pia Roen. She was in Washington, D.C., recently, observing the 2012 Presidential Election and reporting back to her morning radio show on the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. She compared and contrasted broadcast journalism in the U.S. and Denmark, including how the Internet has changed the industry in her own country.

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