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The Irish Impact Podcast – Episode 11 – Holy Pitt


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The Irish Impact Podcast

Nick Seuberling | Kevin Wernert |

Description: A Notre Dame football podcast from a fans perspective. An Production.

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The Irish Impact Podcast – Episode 11 – Holy Pitt

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The Luck of the Irish. That’s what it boils down to. The Irish got a break on an iffy pass interference call, a missed double jersey number call if that’s what you want to call it. Either way, the Irish squeak one out versus the Pittsburgh Panthers. Whew. 9-0. It sure was ugly. But in the words of the late Al Davis, “Just Win Baby”. That’s exactly what the Irish continue to do here in 2012. How many of you thought THAT was possible this year? Be honest! This has been one of the more memorable Irish seasons in quite some time.

In this week’s show:

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