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Montezuma Stone Game for iPad [Video]


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iPad365 - iPad App Show [Video]

Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

Description: An iPad App a Day to keep your iPad in Play

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Montezuma Stone Game for iPad [Video]

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Montezuma Stone game for iPad

We have a challenging marble game for today’s Montezuma Stone is a game where you shoot a colored marble onto the playing area. If it hits the same color marble before it gets to the other end, both marbles are removed. If not, that marble comes into play.

The goal is to clear the board of all marbles. Each level gets progressively harder. You will also get special stones to shoot at. They will freeze the stones, change them all to the same color, or increase the value of the shots.

The app races against time for a better score, so the quicker you finish, the better your score will be.

Montezuma Stone is free to level 10. There are 80 levels, which you can unlock for .99¢

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 Montezuma Stone Game for iPad [Video]