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7 Inch iPad, SCOTutor, Mad Magazine for iPad – Viewer Mail [Video]


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iPad365 - iPad App Show [Video]

Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

Description: An iPad App a Day to keep your iPad in Play

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7 Inch iPad, SCOTutor, Mad Magazine for iPad – Viewer Mail [Video]

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We look in the mail bag today and talk about the things you’ve been emailing on. First, the rumor of the 7 inch iPad has been resurfacing. There are a lot of people thinking this will become reality soon.

There seems to be a want for this version of tablet. The real question is – how much will it cost for 3 inches less real estate?

Another reader wanted to find out about the WiFi issues on the 3rd Generation iPad. Right now, Apple is looking into the issues (as source 9to5Mac stated), but no recall is made. It could just be a software update that fixes the problem.

SCOtutor for iPad

Don McAllister writes in to let me know about a new series of iPad apps he has made. Don is part of SCOTutor - gives you screencasts of iOS, Mac, Lion and iPad. They walk you through the software and how to best use it.

Mad Magazine now on iPad

Finally, I was really excited to find out that interactive pages where you can choose what to do. For example – the last page of MAD always had a fold-in. Not only do you get that, but you also get a SECOND fold-in from a classic issue!

MAD Magazine costs $4.99 an issue, or $9.99 for the year’s subscription.

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 7 Inch iPad, SCOTutor, Mad Magazine for iPad   Viewer Mail [Video]

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