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Weird iPad Apps Shave Me! Mr. Chiizu [Video]


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iPad365 - iPad App Show [Video]

Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

Description: An iPad App a Day to keep your iPad in Play

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Weird iPad Apps Shave Me! Mr. Chiizu [Video]

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On viewer Friday, we have an Apple app store, finding the weirdest app can be a tall order.

There have been some apps in the past that have not really been weird, but definitely had iPad are there?

In this iPad video, that is what we are going to answer.

GEICO Brostache for iPhone on iPad

GEICO Brostache

First of all, the GEICO Brostache is NOT an iPad app. It’s an iPhone app. However, this is the first iPhone app I’ve seen that scales really well. Most other iPhone apps look pixelated. But Brostache actually impressed me as an iPhone app for iPad.

Of course, the Brostache was highlighted in a GEICO commercial when a bunch of workers were celebrating the upcomming weekend. One of the workers put this app up against his mouth to give him a virtual mustache. When he talked, the microphone picked it up, and therefore, moved the mouth.

Brostache has 7 different faces you can choose from. The app is free, and is in a series of apps by GEICO. Best part, it worked well in the video, as I put the ipad right up to my face.

Mr. Chiizu for iPad

Mr. Chiizu Postcard Maker for iPad

There are a lot of photo booth apps that call themselves “weird”, but this one actually had a name that was just as weird as the app. Developed by Mr. Chiizu follows “purikura” – which is a Japanese photo booth. You take a picture of yourself, then cover it in stickers, speech balloons, frames and more. You can even draw on your picture. See how much flair you can put on.

You can download themes for your photo, to give you more options of frames, stickers, and more.

This app is free for a limited time, so you might want to download it quick.

Get a Roku – Prices start at $49 

Geekazine’s Choice – Weirdest iPad App: Shave Me!

Shave Me! iPad Shaving App

I have looked at a good amount of apps available on iPad. This one is our choice for weirdest iPad app out there. It’s called Shave Me! At first, I didn’t get why this app was around. However, after playing with the app, I realized, this is more than just shaving skin. It’s also a Tattoo designer.

So a Tattoo artist can use this app to draw a rough diagram on the iPad, then see what it would look like when hair grew back. The artist could actually save, and send that picture to someone that is looking to get a tattoo.

You can also have a lot of fun with this app. You can shave with razor, electric razor, barber blade, or wax the skin. You can choose to change the type of skin – human or other, the color of hair, and more.

There is a blood option, too. Nothing gory, but just like if you got a nick for shaving too hard, you get a little blood. The blood option can be turned off, but the settings can also change the color of the blood. Therefore, you can see what it’s like to shave an alien’s skin.

This app is brought to you by Metaversal Studios. The Shave Me! app has in-app upgrades, and refills (like ink for tattoos and waxing strips). With an upgrade, you can import a picture, and start growing hair to shave. Just shake the iPad to make the hair grow.

You might think this is a disgusting app, or you may love it. Either way, it is one of the weirdest apps out there.

Demotivational Pics +

Finally, we look at an app that shows demotivational Google+ as posts – someone finds a picture, then puts a comment on it – most likely joking on the picture.

This app puts all the Demotivational pictures into an easy to flip through app. If you see one you like, you can save it to your camera roll, or send it to a friend.

So here are some weird apps for you to download to your iPad. What apps have you found? www.twitter.com/ipad365 to let me know!

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 Weird iPad Apps Shave Me! Mr. Chiizu [Video]