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IFTTT for iPad, Rumors on 12.9 Inch iPad


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iPad365 - iPad App Show [Video]

Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

Description: An iPad App a Day to keep your iPad in Play

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IFTTT for iPad, Rumors on 12.9 Inch iPad

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IFTTT – If This then That

If you haven’t used If this than that – otherwise known as IFTTT.com – then you might be surprised as to what it can do. The app creates recipes so you don’t have to repeat building the wheel hundreds of times.

Lets step back a quick second to 2007. We had Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. 3rd party apps came out that allowed you to write once and post to all. It was great, but soon other networks came out that didn’t have open APIs to do that.

Further, you might want to send information to another channel – such as an email or dropbo document.

Enter in IFTTT. They create recipes so when one thing happens, it sends to another. I have a few recipes out there. One in particular is a recipe that sends certain posts with keywords into an Evernote document. I can then review the document to see whats new.

Some popular recipes include backing up contacts to a Google spreadsheet, email new iPhone photos, change your Twitter profile photo when your Facebook photo changes, and more. You can even have your phone mute when it identifies where you are. That way your “Sexy and I know it” ringtone doesn’t go off during that important meeting…

IFTTT can also be accessed via website, but the app caters to your iPad use. You can also get it for iOS and Android devices.

If you don’t have a personal assistant, this is a great way to organize and automate your life.

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It’s rumor time as the new iPads will be coming out soon. The expected date is around October – which I actually think its a little late. They poise for a christmas purchase but totally miss the back to school crowd, which might be more lucrative.

Nonetheless, in October we are going to expect iPad to start biting into the notebook department with a 12.9 inch iPad. More screen for multiple applications.

I love my iPad, but I also love the notebook for two reasons – keyboard and a larger screen. One window on the left, the other on the right so I can search on information to add to my articles.

Now keep in mind this is only a rumor. We actually talked about this a year ago. But I am expecting this to become reality because this will add more than just the notebook group.

Just recently we learned a little bit about the Sapphire screen – a glass face that withstands scratches and more. This can make an iPad tougher so it can also be used as a kiosk on a wall.

Even if the kiosk iPad doesn’t add interactivity with customers, you can now put devices embedded in walls with a screen large enough where people can see it.

As the rumor mill continues to churn, I’ll keep you abreast of what is being said.

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