The Inverse Delirium

ID-55: Best of InveDel 1 (Comedians Collection)


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The Inverse Delirium

Geoffrey Welchman

Baltimore, MD

Description: A humorous take on public radio and life in this America

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ID-55: Best of InveDel 1 (Comedians Collection)

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As promised, our first Winter Replacement show features a quartet of sketches from our archives. Your host for this collection is the Amazing Betty.

This first collection features four awesome comedians who agreed to say certain words for us:

  1. Webisode 25 (Comedy Special)
  2. Webisode 43 (Addictive/Performance Appraisal)
  3. Webisode 30 (Pyramid)
  4. Webisode 39 (Audition)

Also appearing in the Audition sketch: The Amazing Betty and Rhys Welchman.

Gratuitous namedrops: Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Kevin Pollak's Chat Show, Paul Masson, Orson Welles. (Bonus for App Users: Original Opening + Jackie Kashian mini-interview)