The Inverse Delirium

ID-54: Over the Cliff We Go!


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The Inverse Delirium

Geoffrey Welchman

Baltimore, MD

Description: A humorous take on public radio and life in this America

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ID-54: Over the Cliff We Go!

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Our end-of-the-year show features music and merriment, as we say "Sayonara" to the year that was 2012! Listen as we suck up to two local music luminaries, cash in on the success of Downton Abbey Road, and visit with a local drummer boy maker. And don't forget to stay after the credits for a special performance of Nelson's "Jack of All Trades" featuring MosNo taking the chorus!

With our Special Guests:

  • Nelly's Echo)
  • 3rd world Rockstar
  • In UpperBrow Theatre: Catharine Shoemaker
  • Marc Avon Evans shouting Poe
  • Baltimore Drum Company)
  • the Brit and the American podcast) as the Customer

Bonus (app users only): excerpts from the Podcast Squared interview. Happy hols.