The Inverse Delirium

ID-51: Shouting Poe!


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The Inverse Delirium

Geoffrey Welchman

Baltimore, MD

Description: A humorous take on public radio and life in this America

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ID-51: Shouting Poe!

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Our new Shouting Poe feature returns with a new reader: the Baltimore writer Rafael Alvarez. We feature a thrilling literary contest, and a commentary questioning climate change. Also, journey with us into the beating heart of a Baltimore acting family, and hear how we sidestep the presidential election com-PLETE-ly. (You're welcome.)

With our special guests:

  • The Baltimore Chop in our weather commentary
  • Fernando Quijano in "Take That!"
  • Rafael Alvarez shouting Poe
  • Special thanks to the Shoemakers: Anne.

Show graphic features images mashed up from this learning and teaching blog.
Bonus feature (for App users): Let's Go to the Arctic Circle!