The Inverse Delirium

ID-43: Performance Appraisal


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The Inverse Delirium

Geoffrey Welchman

Baltimore, MD

Description: A humorous take on public radio and life in this America

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ID-43: Performance Appraisal

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We'd like to assure you that your performance appraisal will be fair and balanced. Mostly.

Join us as we explore efforts to get a new addiction off the ground, and chortle to the sound of a 6-year-old comedian. We present a recording of an actual job appraisal, and report on a bit of so-called "news". Finally, we present a clip from an upcoming science-fiction mepic movie, because we were too busy to watch it ourselves.

Special Guests:

  • Comedian Laughing Skull Lounge) as our addiction inventor
  • The Signal conducting our job performance appraisal
  • The Amazing Betty (who co-wrote the Performance Appraisal sketch) appears as Popular Blond Actress #7, Kelly Brilliant, and Computer

This show is dedicated to Ben Truslow and Ian Hesford.

Our show graphic comes from Stoop Storytelling Series.