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Craig and Linda


Description: Sweet travel advice for independent travellers

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The Salta podcast

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We’ve written a lot about Salta podcast you’ve been waiting for with some photos to check out while you listen.

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  • Travel in Salta
  • Transport in Salta
  • Things to do in Salta
  • Cheap accommodation in Salta
  • Cloudhead non-profit in Salta
  • Or take a look around the rest of South America
Let the photos commence! [Show as slideshow] DSC04869 Around Salta - 01 IMG_0512
Around Salta - 03 Around Salta - 04 Around Salta - 05
Around Salta - 08 Around Salta - 09 IMG_0525
DSC05199 DSC05203 DSC05210
DSC05218 DSC05365 DSC05562

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South America, and more.