Next Step with Fr. Vazken – In His Shoes

Next Step with Fr. Vazken – In His Shoes

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Hysteria and Exaltation
September 13, 2019

Next Step #588: Hysteria takes many forms. From the Beatles (Beatlemania) to expressions today in the self-professed prophets of Christianity, the excitement focuses on the messenger rather than the message. Dangers of Bible study without structure. The

Celebrating the Drummer
September 06, 2019

Next Step #587: Celebrating the individuals who walk to the beat of Thoreau’s drummer. Not waiting until death to appreciate the beauty people offer our world. Packaging religion and hatred: more than a word of caution, a challenge to reject. Toler

Children & God
August 30, 2019

Next Step #586: Do children need God? Keeping God close and in focus; Finding God not so much without as much as within, especially in the heart. Jesus’ invitation to accept the Kingdom as children; so who’s leading who? Fr. Vazken is challen

Name & Legacy
August 23, 2019

Next Step #585: The legacy of Catholicos Vazken I – what do we take away from him 25 years after his death. His name, a special calling and expression of the Holy Spirit. One Vazken to the next in this edition. An angel named Alyssa visits and make

Assumption 2019
August 16, 2019

Next Step #584: Assumption Feast, Woodstock at 50 and the passing of the Venerable Catholicos Vazken I, 25 years later – connecting these dots. Epidemic of shootings, fear in the air and when religion should stay quiet rather than syncing life with

C^2 at the Transfiguration
August 01, 2019

Next Step #582: From E=mc^2 to the Divine Liturgy – the Peace of Christ being beyond understanding and words, is matched up against the constant speed of light in a manner only Fr. Vazken can. Here’s a connection of dots – a religious u

Closed Box Church
July 26, 2019

Next Step #581: Back from Armenia and specifically a visit to the village of Sasnashen, site of the US Air Force C-130 Shoot Down, Fr. Vazken debriefs with the listeners in this episode. A preliminary look at the Sasnashen Youth Center Project. Closed bo

Review time
July 18, 2019

Next Step #580: From Sasnashen Armenia, here is a review of the events leading to the In His Shoes project and Fr. Vazken’s visit to the village and area of Talin. More on exorcism – connecting dots to the spirits that move us – demonic

Moon Beams at 50
July 12, 2019

Next Step #579: 50 years after the first steps on the moon are celebrated but not without connecting dots between the service of exorcism, demonic possession and lunacy. Jesus and the language of parables. Beyond words, scripture comes alive and finds em

Familiarity & Contempt: Faith & Freedom
July 04, 2019

Next Step #578: An independence day look at contempt, apathy and neglect brought on by familiarity. Whether freedom or faith, a simple look at Nazareth 30AD gives a clear look at the dangers we face. Some from 1984 (Orwell) and some from journalist-want-