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Windows 10 Preview on Home Server Show 271


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David McCabe


Description: The Podcast for the Home Server Enthusiast. Windows Home Server, MediaSmart, NAS, Media Center, Media Streaming, etc.

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Windows 10 Preview on Home Server Show 271

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Jim Collison and John Zajdler join me to open up a conversation about Windows 10.  Windows 10 Technical Preview and Server are out!  We are just getting started so there is not a lot of in depth and under the hood.  I’ve got news , rants, and more!  Enjoy and see you in the forums.

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DrivePop / LiveDrive Meltdown

Plex for xbox –

Having a hard time finding WHS 2011?

INSTEON Install over at

Windows 10 Server Technical Preview and System Center Technical Preview

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QNAP, ioSafe, Synology, and a Mini on the Post Meetup Show 270

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Jim and I go over all the gear we had at Meetup 2015 and tell you about the demos we saw.  Synology Beta is here too and we take a look at the ioSafe 1513+. A lot of gear to chat about!

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Toshiba Encore Mini and QNAP TS-451

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On this edition of Home Server Show John Wiskowski of the Agnostic Tech Podcast joins to talk about the Toshiba Encore Mini 7", $120 Windows 8.1 Tablet.  Christoper Kenney, HSS Forums Admin, also joins to tell us about the QNAP TS-451. This episode is simulcast to both Surface Geeks and Home Server...

pfSense vs. Sophos on Home Server Show 268

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On this episode we'll be comparing pfSense to Sophos with a little bit of Untangle mixed in as well.  Which one is the better router?  Ten TB hard drives, yes 10TB! News and Meetup 2014. See you in the forums!...

Servers and More on Home Server Show 267

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John Zajdler is back to talk servers, Storage Spaces, Drive Extender, MyMovies, and a whole bunch of other Home Storage goodness.  We also put WHS 2011 and Essentials Server 2012 head to head!  This one was fun. Enjoy...

When is unlimited not unlimited? Home Server Show Podcast 266

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The Home Server Show is back after a little time off. Thanks for coming back too! Jim and I discuss unlimited backup to cloud services, news, 6TB Drives, and a whole lot more.


This podcast is a member of The Geeks Network.  Check out other great podcasts and forums there...

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