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Homeschool Workbox Organizing and Planning


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Homeschool Workbox Organizing and Planning

We organize our homeschool days using the workbox system (usable with any curriculum). Since we started using this system we get twice as much done and my boys really look forward to school! I love it.

Scheduling what will go into your workboxes  for the entire week is a huge time saver.  It is more fulfilling than a spotless house and  seeing the bottom of the laundry basket!

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I use to fill up the boxes every day but now I spend about an hour a week planning and it  cuts daily workbox preperation to a few minutes a day. You print out the planner I use in Excel or PDF (with large boxes for writing in) below.

Please understand my plan is very flexible. We pray for direction every morning. I am ready to allow the Holy Spirit to take me in a completely different direction.

Here is our workbox area. I explain what each container holds below.

Organizing School Supplies
  1. Mom’s Crate Half the box is full of workbooks, the other half has file folders by subject (math, history, science, etc). I used this box years before workboxs became popular.  I print most worksheets from TeacherFile Box
  2. 5 Day Workbox Crate -This crate holds everything to fill the workboxes for 5 days! It contains file folders are marked by day of the week (I’m hoping to work up to planning 20 days ahead).  Once I fill out the planner,  I slip the apporiate worksheets, workbooks, reading books, etc in the proper folder. Exception: If we use a workbook or reader daily it goes straight into the child’s workbox with a sticky note moved each day to assigned page.
  3. Lapbook Supplies – Lapbooking and file folder games “print-outs” go in this expandable folder. This moves easily back and forth from my office to school room area. Inside the workbox the boys get a Lapbook tab indicating see mom.
  4. Teaching Supplies - Workbox tags, pencils, markers,  scissors, tape, flash cards, sticky pads, Leapfrog games, etc are in this 12 drawer scrapbook organizer ( I tried to use for workboxes but did not work out).  I converted it to teaching materials when we set up our workboxes. The drawers are  labeled.  It’s wonderful not having to stop to look for these items. On top are trays to hold completed school work.
  5. Pencil/Marker Caddy –  I keep this  pencil, scissor, marker caddy accessible on our school table at all time with several art books in a “Discovery Center” to encourage drawing and exploring (it works too, the boys are always busy creating).
  6. Art Supply Bin- Any art supplies that don’t fit in the drawers above go in large bin hanging on a nearby IKEA shelf (the phonics bin hold workboxes and flash cards, etc.)
  7. Workboxes - And the finally the material goes into the boys 12 drawer workboxes. There are no photos of me  flopping down in front of the crates and workboxes filling drawers, but thats how I do it. I hope it helps you.

Free Downloads

  • Download Excel Workbox Weekly Planner
  • Download PDF Workbox Weekly Planner

Download Free Workbox Printables (PDF)

Click here to read all the Workbox Directory (links to 50+ workbox users).

Share how you plan your homeschool day in the comments. Inquiring minds want to know!

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