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Womanist Theology Goes Process with Monica Coleman


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Homebrewed Christianity Podcast

Tripp Fuller & Bo Sanders

Redondo Beach, CA

Description: We are progressive Christian ministers who love being theology nerds. In each episode we talk to a theologian, philosopher, or Biblical scholar about the big questions of faith, doubt, ethics, and culture. It is our conviction that there is too much tas

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Womanist Theology Goes Process with Monica Coleman

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Claremont School of Theology and is your guide into theological awesomeness!

Monica has been on the podcast in the past iReligious Pluralism.

She is the author of Creating Women’s Theology: A Movement Engaging Process Thought.

There are a couple videos from the EVTC from Monica. She discusses LCreative Transformation. Check them out and share them!

You can follow her blog and all the other media projects that she does at http://monicaacoleman.com/.

She is indeed a Patheos Progressive Christian Blogger.

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