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On Reinhold & Richard Niebuhr with Scott Paeth


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Tripp & Chad

Description: We share a hope that there are a bunch of Christian breweries out there crafting, experimenting, imagining, and sharing a Christian faith that is life-giving. These two friends will be talking to each other, interviewing other ecclesial brewers, and hopef

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On Reinhold & Richard Niebuhr with Scott Paeth

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ellent twitter-logian. 

You may remember Scott from his segment at last years Progressive Youth Ministry Conference live event.

Look for the bonus round of this conversation in 2 days about contemporary issues that the Niebuhr brothers may have something to say about! 

  • Make sure to get to this year’s PMYC a day early for a day long workshop with Scott and Tripp.
  • We are going to be at AAR in San Diego on Friday night – plan to join us with Catherine Keller, John Cobb, and Jack Caputo  there!
  • We will also be at Christianity21 this year in Phoenix (January 22-24).


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Christine Helmer is Professor of Religious Studies and German at Northwestern University. She is the author of The Trinity and Martin...

Creation Out of Nothing w/ Ian McFarland

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 Ian McFarland is on the podcast for the first time and he's talking about his new book From Nothing: A Theology of Creation.  Dr. McFarland is a professor of theology at Emory University's Candler School of Theology in the ATL .  During the interview I found out he earned his PhD at Yale with ...

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Referred to as a "prairie mystic" by the Boston Globe and characterized by Rolling Stone as someone who "asks all the right questions," Carrie Newcomer is a singer-songwriter that brings her spirituality to the same table as her songwriting. Callid got a chance to talk to Carrie about her new book...

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The planet lost one of the greatest theologian this past week & in this episode Philip Clayton and I discuss his amazing career.  Philip Clayton is a professor of theology at Claremont School of Theology and former student of Pannenberg.  He recently wrote a b...

Let Sleeping Gods Die w/ Kester Brewin

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Kester Brewin is back on the podcast.  He was part of a live podcast experience at Monkish Brewing company with his partners Peter Rollins & Barry Taylor.  This triumvirate of Radical Theology is always a blast to hear and this time time is no exception...

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