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Brian Bantum on Redeeming Mulatto


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Tripp & Chad

Description: We share a hope that there are a bunch of Christian breweries out there crafting, experimenting, imagining, and sharing a Christian faith that is life-giving. These two friends will be talking to each other, interviewing other ecclesial brewers, and hopef

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Brian Bantum on Redeeming Mulatto

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Because they are in a hotel lobby there a bit of background noise, but it is such a terrific interview that you’ll want to listen all the way through anyway 

If you want to followup on this conversation another great resource ison twitter as well.

Special thanks to our sponsors at  Chalice Press: their sponsorship helps us keep getting these out to you for free.



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Homebrewed Wet & Wild at the Goose

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Micky Getting AnimatedWild Goose 2014 was a seriously wet podcast. Despite the rain we had a blast thanks to Phillips Theological Seminary who sponsored the beer steins for brews & John Vest who smoked some yummy BBQ pork.  This is just a 55 minute sample of the 2 hours of excitement...

Unfolded Episode 13 — The Mute Monk

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Hello Deacons! Unfolded has returned, and we're back with a remarkable short story by Lutheran Minister and writer Jake Bouma.

The Mute Monk is a captivating parable that will have you contemplating themes of grace, forgiveness, memory, and fate long after you've finished listening...

God is NOT a Man… & other Not-So-Shocking Things You Learn in Religion 101

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Get ready for part 2 of 'Ten Not-So-Shocking Things You Learn in Religion 101'.  The first half was pretty exciting and things don't slow down here.

In this episode Tripp is  joined again by Greg Horton, ex-pastor and undergrad religion professor in Oklahoma to look of  a list of 10 Not-So-Shoc...

10 Not-So-Shocking Things You Learn in Religion 101

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Tons of people that are 'religious'  would be shocked if they just took a religion 101 class.  The divide between the academic study of religion is so huge that the experience of many students in their first religion class is disorientating.  I don't think this is because religion professors hate...

Spirit and the Effects of Trauma: Shelly Rambo

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Callid had the opportunity to sit down and talk with constructive theologian Shelly Rambo. In their conversation they walked through some of the major points of her book Spirit and Trauma. In the course of the recording they talked about Derrida, the psychology of trauma, non-linear time, and zombi...

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