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Theology for the People: Keller, Cobb and God


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Homebrewed Christianity Podcast

Tripp Fuller & Bo Sanders

Redondo Beach, CA

Description: We are progressive Christian ministers who love being theology nerds. In each episode we talk to a theologian, philosopher, or Biblical scholar about the big questions of faith, doubt, ethics, and culture. It is our conviction that there is too much tas

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Theology for the People: Keller, Cobb and God

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Jack Caputo.

In part one you will hear Keller discuss her new book (which everyone should have on their Christmas list). Then you get a fascinating conversation between Keller and Cobb about Process theology, the future of theological education and then they answer that most pressing question ‘who is God?’

The New Publishing Partnership

Homebrewed Christianity is super pumped about Guide To series is a new way for us to expand our grassroots theology campaign.  Next year we hope to get the first two or three texts out and plan to release ten volumes over three years. Because the series itself comes out of what all the HBC community has developed over the last 7 years we will be getting some of our best guests to write in the series and will have some sweet opportunities for the Deacons to get involved.

We are very excited about the two podcasts from AAR and the Fortress partnership so if you were NOT at AAR and didn’t get a chance to get a pint glass, a sweet signed copy of the Keller beer logo or the John Cobb poster then share both of the AAR episodes on twitter & Facebook. We will put all the names in a hat and then mail the winners some of the sweet swag. So be kind and tag us so we find you!





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Exodus: Spoiler Alert

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J. Ryan Parker sits down with Bo to talk about the movie Exodus: Gods and Men. Bo had blogged about the footage that he had seen and Ryan came over to chat about it.

You can read Parker's article in Relevant Magazine about Ridley Scott's portrayal of God in the movie.


Eat More Turkey: here is some sermon prep

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It's time for Advent and we have prepared a weekly exploration of the Biblical texts offered in the lectionary. 

Due to Thanksgiving, we pre-recorded this episode and wanted to offer it for some fun and conversation. If you are interested in the next 4 please sign up for the class and plan to join...

Executing God with Sharon Putt

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Sharon Putt challenges us to 'rethink everything you've been taught about salvation and the cross' in her new book Executing God. Today she talks with Callid Keefe-Perry about her book and a nonviolent understanding of atonement. ...

BONUS Cast: Paeth on the Niebuhrs

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Last week Scott Paeth rocked the podcast with the Armchair Niebuhrs! This is the rest of the conversation about what the brothers may have had to say about current political controversies.

Make sure to be at our live events coming up in November at AAR in San Diego on Friday night - in celebration...

On Reinhold & Richard Niebuhr with Scott Paeth

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Scott Paeth is back to talk about the Niebuhr Brothers - this time for armchair theologians. Associate Professor of Religious Studies at DePaul University in Chicago, IL. He works in the fields of Christian Social Ethics and Public Theology. You can check out some of his texts here.  He is also a...

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