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Tripp & Chad

Description: We share a hope that there are a bunch of Christian breweries out there crafting, experimenting, imagining, and sharing a Christian faith that is life-giving. These two friends will be talking to each other, interviewing other ecclesial brewers, and hopef

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Angel’s Share Podcast #1

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In this 1st quick episode, Patrick and Christian taste Old Forester Classic 86 proof and Signature 100 proof, bottled in bond. Be sure to like our facebook page at https://twitter.com/AngelsShareShow

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Michael Hardin on the Bible & Atonement

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Michael Hardin is the author of several books 

Stricken by God?: Nonviolent Identification and the Victory of Christ

Compassionate Eschatology: The Future as Friend

The Jesus Driven Life: Reconnecting Humanity With Jesus

among others [you can find here] ...

Why Write a Liberal Theology? w/ Douglas Ottati

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Why write a liberal theology?  That's a good question & we got an interview size answer!  Buckle your theological safety belt because this episode is going to get seriously awesome.  If you remember Dr. Ottati's last visit to the podcast then you are already excited!  Professor Ottati is the Cra...

Noah Movie Review and Interview

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We review the movie Noah with J. Ryan Parker and then hear from the director and screenwriter. 

Bo and J. Ryan chat about their upcoming posts for the movie and some of the concerns they had coming out of their viewings.

Bo's post Noah: Inhabiting a ReEnchanted World...

Richard Falk on War, Water and The Wolf of Wall Street

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Our guest today is Richard Falk - an international law and international relations scholar who taught at Princeton University for forty years.

Since 2002 he has lived in Santa Barbara, California, and taught at the local campus of the University of California in Global and International Studies an...

Randy Woodley is HomeGrown episode 4

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Randy Woodley is back on the podcast - this time for HomeGrown episode 4! 

You can listen to Randy's first visit when we talked about his book or his second (at Wild Goose West) where Tripp snuck up on him with some 'concerns'...

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