Holistic Health And Wellness

Holistic Health And Wellness

Sue Nyoni

Description: Weekly podcast that helps you explore everyday wellness services, new natural products and eye-opening documentaries. Brought to you by WellnessPossibilities.com

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Holiday Special Edition

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Episode 103 - Holiday Special Edition, an interview with Dawn Noble, co-founder of Wellness Possibilities. Dawn shares how a challenge or crisis in one's life can lead to a wake-up call for a better life. Your wellness journey starts here: www.WellnessPossibilities.com...

ChiWalking and ChiRunning

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Episode 102 - ChiWalking and ChiRunning, an interview with Danny Dreyer, founder of ChiLiving. Learn how to run and/or walk effortlessly and injury-free.

www.ChiWalking.com - ChiWalking program with Danny Dreyer

www.ChiRunning.com - ChiRunning program with Danny Dreyer...

Be Happy In Your Skin

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Episode 101 - Be Happy In Your Skin, an interview with Carla Kruck, founder of Be Happy In Your Skin, Aha! Programs for Yo-Yo Dieters and people who understand that they don't know everything.

www.BeHappyInYourSkin.com - The Official Site of Be Happy In Your Skin...

100th Episode featuring Sharyn Wynters

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Episode 100 - Survive!, an interview with Dr. Sharyn Wynters, one of the Cat Girl characters on the original Batman series, naturopath and author of the new book Survive: A Family Guide to Thriving in a Toxic World

www.WyntersWay.com - The Official Site of Dr. Sharyn Wynters...

Intentional Resting

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Episode 99 - Intentional Resting, an interview with Dan Howard for our Thanksgiving Special about how to bring awareness to specific areas of your mind and body in order to give them the real rest they need. Featured in O, Oprah's Magazine!...

Chow Down: New Documentary

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Episode 98 - Chow Down: New Documentary, an interview with film producer Gage Johnston. With lighthearted animation and piercing expert interviews, CHOW DOWN exposes the three factors that fatally impact our country's health: the medical community's allegiance to the status quo, the government's all...

Finding Shangri La: 7 Yoga Principles

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Episode 97 - Finding Shangri La: 7 Yoga Princples, an interview with Khadi Madama, yoga pioneer, author and celebrity yogi of Yours Truly, Yoga TV. Khadi designed the wildly successful TOT YOGA program and is offering a free copy of the DVD to 5 lucky listeners of Holistic Health & Wellness. Enter t...

Green Living with Mayim Bialik

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Episode 96 - Green Living with Mayim Bialik, an interview with TV's 'Blossom' and spokesperson for Holistic Moms Network (founded by Nancy Massotto). Mayim discusses what it's like to be a holistic parent and what a truly green lifestyle entails in her own home... elimination communication, homescho...

Sound-Based Therapy

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Episode 95 - Sound-Based Therapy, an interview with Dorinne Davis, founder of The Davis Center in Mt. Arlington, NJ and the foremost specialist on how sound-based therapy helps create positive change in learning, development and wellness using Developmental Evaluation (DETP) based upon The Tree of S...

Be The Medicine

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Episode 94 - Be The Medicine, an interview with Janet StraightArrow, Shamanic healer and medical intuitive about 'living the power of you'. Janet's work and upcoming book: Be The Medicine, Living the Power of You! focuses on empowering you to heal, become, navigate change and embrace life and health...

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