Holistic Health And Wellness

Holistic Health And Wellness

Sue Nyoni

Description: Weekly podcast that helps you explore everyday wellness services, new natural products and eye-opening documentaries. Brought to you by WellnessPossibilities.com

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Wellness Possibilities

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Episode 72 - Merger announcement between Wellness Possibilities and TheHolisticOption.com, an interview with Kathy Smyly Miller and Dawn Noble, RN, founders of Wellness Possibilities.

www.WellnessPossibilities.com - Give the gift of wellness, or discover how easily you can bring wellness into your l...

Take Back Your Body... with Herbs

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Episode 70 - Take Back Your Body... with Herbs, an interview with Susan E. Mead, Master Herbalist and author of Take Back Your Body, on safe, effective, affordable herbal remedies and whole food nurition for the mainstream...

The 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse

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Episode 69 - The 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse, an interview with Debbie Ford, NY Times Bestselling Author, Filmmaker, Speaker and Founder of The Ford Institute for human potential and spiritual transformation...

Rolfing Structural Integration

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Episode 68 - Rolfing Structural Integration, an interview with Ari Globerman, founder of Back To Life Healing Arts in Palm Beach, FL, on the benefits of rolfing, training, and more.

www.BackToLifeHealingArts.com - Back To Life Healing Arts in Palm Beach, FL...

From Marketing to Meditation

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Episode 67 - From Marketing to Meditation, an interview with James Connor, author The Perfection of Marketing and founder of The James Group in NYC. James discusses his upcoming 3-year silent meditation retreat and how concentration is the key to success...

Wellness For Healthcare Workers

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Episode 66 - Wellness for Healthcare Workers, an interview with Stehpanie Staples, founder of Your Life Unlimited, and contributing writer for NurseTogether.com - empowering nurses globally.

www.YourLifeUnlimited.ca - Your Life Unlimited with Stephanie Staples...

Holistic Birthing

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Episode 65 - Holistic Birthing, an interview with Mary Ellen Walsh, founder of Mothers Emerge Worldwide on birth traumas, midwives, doulas and holistic birth options.

www.MothersEmergeWorldwide.wordpress.com - Mothers Emerge Worldwide

www.TheHolisticOption.com - A health community for the whole you...

Permanent Positive Change

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Episode 64 - Permanent Positive Change, an interview with Dr. Pat Baccili, host of the nationally syndicated Dr. Pat Show - talk radio to thrive by. Dr. Pat shares how to bust through the crust and live life full-out!

www.TheDrPatShow.com - The Dr. Pat Show Online...

You Vs. Cancer, and the Winner Is...

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Episode 63 - You Vs. Cancer, and the Winner Is..., an interview with Jeremy (J.D.) Nelson, author of the new book that explores a unique alternative to conventional cancer treatment.

www.YouVsCancer.com - You Vs. Cancer, and the Winner Is...

Special Edition: One Moment Meditation

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Episode 61 - Special Thanksgiving Edition: One Moment Meditation, an interview with Martin Boroson, author of One Moment Meditation: Stillness For People On The Go.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, from our family to yours!

www.MartinBoroson.com - The Official Website of Martin Boroson...

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