Holistic Health And Wellness

Holistic Health And Wellness

Sue Nyoni

Description: Weekly podcast that helps you explore everyday wellness services, new natural products and eye-opening documentaries. Brought to you by WellnessPossibilities.com

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Uncut Flower Essences

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Episode 114 - Uncut Flower Essences, an interview with >Dr. Brent Davis, founder of FlorAlive, the world's only essences derived from uncut flowers. Customers report amazing changes in their personality and mood. Plus, an exclusive 20% discount for Holistic Health and Wellness listeners only: Use Co...

The Healthy Smoker

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Episode 113 - The Healthy Smoker, an interview with Charles Bens, PhD, author of The Healthy Smoker: How to Quit Smoking by Becoming Healthier First.

www.behealthyatwork.com - Charles Bens, PhD, Author of The Healthy Smoker...

Moving Through Fear

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Episode 112 - Moving Through Fear, an interview with Jeff Golliher, author of Moving Through Fear, Cultivating the 7 Spiritual Instincts for a Fearless Life.

www.jeffgolliher.com - Author of Moving Through Fear, Cultivating the 7 Spiritual Instincts for a Fearless Life...

Integrative Medicine, with Dr. Chen

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Episode 111 - Integrative Medicine, an interview with Dr. Zhaoming Chen, Chair and Chief Spokesperson for the American Association of Integrative Medicine. Dr. Chen discusses integrative medicine and how to stay healthy.

www.aaimedicine.com - The American Association of Integrative Medicine...

Ideal Medical Care

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Episode 110 - Ideal Medical Care, an interview with Pamela Wible, MD, who is pioneering the concept and model of community-designed medical clinics. Ideal Medical Clinics and Hospitals are all over the United States. To find one in your area, or to start your own clinic, please see links below... an...

BioSonic Repattering

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Episode 109 - BioSonic Repattering, an interview with Vicki Genfan, musician, singer/songwriter and certified BSR practitioners, on using tuning forks to change the energy in one's body. Plus, she plays one of her songs for us!...

Choosing Easy World

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Episode 108 - Choosing Easy World, an interview with Julia Rogers Hamrick, author of Choosing Easy World, on opting out of struggle and strife and living in the amazing realm where everything is easy!

www.choosingeasyworld.com - Julia Rogers Hamrick, author of Choosing Easy World...

Shedding Light on the Food Industry

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Episode 107 - Shedding Light on the Food Industry, an interview with Robyn O'Brien, author of the new book, The Unhealthy Truth, which exposes the food industry in America. Very 'Erin Brokovich'!

www.robynobrien.com - Robyn O'Brien, Author of The Unhealthy Truth...

Life and Business Coaching

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Episode 106 - Life and Business Coaching, an interview with Laurie Lawson and Terry Yoffe of International Coach Federation, New York City chapter, on how life coaching and executive coaching can help individuals and high-achieving professional find work/life balance and address issues that tend to...

In Our Right Minds

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Episode 105 - In Our Right Minds, an interview with Dale Allen, founder and creator of the one woman show called 'In Our Right Minds' on getting back into our powerful and beautiful feminine energy.

www.DaleAllenProductions.com - Dale Allen Productions...

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