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Integrative Medicine, with Dr. Zhaoming Chen – Episode 111

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Integrative Medicine, an interview with Zhaoming Chen, MD, PhD, MS, CFP, FAAIM on integrative medicine in the 21st century and how to maintain good health.

Dr. Chen received his medical degree from Shanghai JiaoTong University College of Medicine and his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Drexel University...

Integrative Medicine, with Dr. Chen

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Episode 111 - Integrative Medicine, an interview with Dr. Zhaoming Chen, Chair and Chief Spokesperson for the American Association of Integrative Medicine. Dr. Chen discusses integrative medicine and how to stay healthy.

www.aaimedicine.com - The American Association of Integrative Medicine...

Integrative Medicine, Wellness Initiatives

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Episode 80 - Integrative Medicine, Wellness Initiatives, an interview with Dr. Russell Greenfield, Chief Medical Advisor to Dr. Andrew Weil's Weil Lifestyle website.

http://www.drweil.com - The official website of Andrew Weil, MD...

NEW! Holistic Ensurance

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Episode 54 - Holistic Option Ensurance Program (HOEP), an interview with TheHolisticOption.com Founder, Kelly Campbell, and co-founder of the HOEP program, Dr. Ann Covalt. Learn how you can get lower cost access to alternative health care and wellness services in your area!...

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